1. komarov says

    Clicked pause after 28 seconds, recovered 5:54 minutes of my life. I should use them wisely. Maybe I’ll spend that time staring vacantly at my ceiling.

  2. robertmatthews says

    Starting around 1:11, Pat Buchanan is HILARIOUS: he has this high, querulous, cranky-old-uncle voice and he starts by saying “But when she raises her voice….” HE’S complaining about HER voice? Has he never listened to himself on television? He sounds like he inhaled a good lungful of helium before he went on air.

  3. kiptw says

    Step aside when you hear “I’m not sexist…” because here comes the but.

  4. gmacs says

    I find it especially telling how so many of her critics try to characterize her as being shrill or screechy. Not that it would matter if she were, but she has one of the least screechy voices on TV. If anything, I’d say she has the most healthy sounding vocal cords of any candidate: She’s not hoarse, not raspy, and not screechy.

    Again, the actual quality of her voice doesn’t matter, but it makes the mysogynistic code language that much more obvious.

  5. says

    Donald Trump shouted his entire acceptance speech. Bernie Sanders got hoarse quite often during his campaign, (who wouldn’t giving that many speeches).

    I think what we have here are men who are so offended that a woman is speaking from center stage that in their mind they transfer that sense of being offended to the woman’s voice. Yeah, they tell themselves, they don’t really dislike Hillary Clinton, they just hate her voice.

    The “first wife” references, etc. are telling. A woman disagreed with them in the past, and had the temerity to say so. They never want to be a position again where a woman can speak them as if she were their equal.

  6. lotharloo says

    Holyfuck at Rush Limbough’s comment at the end. Wow, that’s so fucking disgusting.

  7. Rich Woods says

    I knew better than to watch this vid.

    No doubt I’ll compensate by stupidly watching the next one which comes along, and then have to clean out the vomit bucket — again.

  8. says

    What really grinds my gears about the relentless sexist attacks, apart from the sexism, on Clinton is it poisons the well to criticize her in any number of ways she deserves to be criticized over.