1. wzrd1 says

    Here, in NW Louisiana, people have parked and awakened in the morning to find their cars under water and full of mud a mere two weeks ago.
    We’ve had flood watches ever since.

  2. says

    Ah yes, waking up and finding your car filled with the restless spirits of the dead, wailing and sloshing into a slurry of ethereal white ectoplasmic goo.
    But at least if you still fit inside you can use the carpool lane.

  3. oualawouzou says

    I gaze at this picture, and the picture gazes at me, and I know I shall never dream again.

  4. wzrd1 says

    @PZ, true, but that isn’t something that would occur overnight. The flooding did happen overnight.

  5. Le Chifforobe says

    Don’t worry, MSU helpfully explains at the link how to deal with a nest of yellowjackets. This is the BEST advice:

    Once the dust is applied leave the area immediately as fast as your little legs will carry you.

  6. Rich Woods says

    What is that stuff? Papier mache or alien nest gunk?

    Don’t go close to it without a flamethrower.

  7. Paul K says

    They can be amazingly aggressive. I’ve had two run-ins with them in the last several years, both unavoidable. For the first, I was on a ladder, and slid down it like a firefighter when they went for my eyes again and again. I’m too old to slide down a ladder like a firefighter, but I’ve never been the right age to have multiple stings to the eyes.

    The second time (just last fall), they had built a nest inside a metal gate that I needed to get through. I got the padlock off without disturbing them to the point of stinging, but then they attacked when I moved the gate. I slapped what seemed to be the most aggressive one (half a dozen stings in no more than a couple of seconds). Big mistake: I slapped it against my other arm, just as it was stinging me again. I killed it — oh, did I kill it! — but squeezed a huge amount of venom into my forearm. It swelled up pretty alarmingly, and then I went through days of pain, burning, itching and numbness.

    And during the attack, I dropped the padlock right next to the part of the gate where the nest was, and didn’t realize it till several minutes later. I did go back for it, and did not get stung that time, but I’m too old to run that fast.

  8. wzrd1 says

    @Paul K, hence my suggestion of VX nerve agent. Fast acting, non-persistent and heavily concentrated.
    It operates the same way most other insecticides operate, it’s just a lot nastier.

  9. thearchimage says

    Well boy howdy! Looks like we got ourselves a bumper crop of nightmares this year!

  10. blf says

    Looks like a standard model republican (née thug) soapbox to me… or is it their Kandidate Klown Kar?

  11. Vivec says

    As someone who loves wasps, I’m glad someone saw fit to donate such a generous mansion for the hive.

  12. davidnangle says

    Just once… Just fucking once, I’d like to see a SyFy movie a tenth as scary as this photo of that car.

  13. auntbenjy says

    To be fair, the parking tickets you would accrue in the amount of time it took to build that nest would be heart-attack inducing.

  14. says


    As someone who loves wasps, I’m glad someone saw fit to donate such a generous mansion for the hive.

    The aggressive ones terrify me, I’m severely allergic, and I don’t think my little epi-pen would me much help in such a case, assuming I could manage to use it. I think they are beautiful, though, and the structures paper wasps make are stunning. I do get up close and photograph the wasps around our house, they are pollen wasps, and they don’t mind me at all. In return, I make sure to rescue those who get in the house.

  15. Vivec says

    Oh yeah totally, I’m not saying that everyone has to love wasps or that all fear of them is irrational. I just kinda feel how shark lovers must feel when one of their favorite animals becomes “the asshole serial killer fish”

  16. wzrd1 says

    As near as I’ve counted, I have around 8, possibly a dozen different types of wasp on my property. Mostly on the garage and a nest inside somewhere.
    For the ones outside, if they leave me alone, I leave them alone. If they don’t leave me alone, their nest get sprayed with an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.
    For the ones in the garage, I rolled three atomizer cans of acetylcholinesterase inhibitor in and closed the door. I’ll likely need to perform a repeat treatment to catch newly hatched wasps. Outside, we can coexist, inside, not so much. I don’t want to find out the hard way that my wife is allergic.

  17. says


    Oh yeah totally, I’m not saying that everyone has to love wasps or that all fear of them is irrational.

    One summer, I was walking to Muddy Creek and I had a hoodie tied around my waist. At one point, I noticed a wasp decided to hitchhike on one of the hoodie sleeves, and was crawling toward my chest. Right away, I heard Mister in my head “don’t panic, don’t pay attention, it will go away.” Telling myself to breathe, and keep moving, I kept watching, and the wasp hung out for about a quarter mile, then took off. I had myself a slight collapse by the side of the road, but was seriously happy I managed to act like a normal person, and didn’t fuckin’ panic.

  18. lakitha tolbert says

    Where does a swarm of highly assertive hornets build their nest?

    Any damn where they want, apparently!

  19. madtom1999 says

    As a child I was stung on the finger by a wasp (yellowjacket in the US I guess) two hours later my finger was like a sausage. Another two hours my hand was like a blown up rubber glove and by morning my forearm was about a foot across and the moving it was so painful I would pass out. After three days and a bucket of anti-histamines it went down.
    I am, as a result, a bit scared of the little bastards.
    I was up a step ladder around 10′ off the ground fixing some guttering when I noticed a ball of them around my feet. An hour or so later as dusk set I ventured back to find my next door neighbour with his jaw still on the floor. He said he’d never ever seen anyone jump from the top of a stepladder and hit the floor running a sub 10-second 100m. He didnt see me turn the corner and do a sub 1 minute 800m to the pub where I had several restorative beers once I worked out I’d left them well behind and phoned my far more courageous girlfriend who dealt with them with a spray can from 10 feet away. I couldn’t walk properly for muscle tears and lactic acid buildup for a fortnight.

  20. rietpluim says

    Wow, that nest is HUGE. It must be several years old, which is quite uncommon. I love wasps like Vivec does, despite being stung on several occasions. Fortunately I’m not allergic.

  21. martin50 says

    “Hornet and Wasp sprays are effective in killing individual wasps and much like shooting skeet, they also provide a certain amount of recreation.”

  22. Parse says

    While a massive yellowjacket nest makes for great nightmare fuel on its own, ANY nightmare fuel can be ‘improved’ by running it through Google’s Deep Dream Generator. You’re welcome.

  23. MattP (must mock his crappy brain) says

    Fortunately the yellow jackets in my area are the subterranean variety, but still super aggressive and fucking everywhere around the house because of all the chipmunk tunnels. The red/orange wasps are the ones that sometimes get in the house because of their nesting habits and have largely replaced the black wasps that used to dominate the area. Also, lots of carpenter bees and the occasional honey bee. Which reminds me that I really need to finally plant the back yard with milkweed to try and displace all the horribly invasive privet that got chopped with the few trees that were threatening the house. Feel a bit like a dalek because when I see privet on the property I must EXTERMINATE!

  24. chris says

    I didn’t I could get worse nightmares than the possessed alien goat and children playing with nooses on a swing set one that I had this morning. I woke up in a sweat and was not able to go back to sleep.

    I doesn’t help that yellow jackets made their nest inside my hammock frame a couple of summers ago. It is made from bent metal tubes with drainage holes that they flew in and out of. Last winter I covered those holes with duct tape. Now I think I’ll just replace it with a wood version.

  25. chris says

    Erg, I left out a couple of words: “I didn’t think I could get a worse nightmare”

    My avatar is me in that hammock, which I have not been in for a couple of years due to wasps. At least they are good pollinators, something that comforts me with my edible garden.

  26. David Eriksen says

    I once made the mistake of pushing a lawn mower over the opening to a Yellowjacket nest. I don’t think I’ve ever ran as fast as I did after they swarmed up my legs.

    30+ stings will teach you not to mow the grass in shorts no matter how hot it is.