If projection is any indication, Rick Wiles murdered Scalia

You have to listen to Rick Wiles pontificating on the death of Scalia. It’s free-form stream of consciousness in which he connects the dots on his own delusions to conclude that Obama sacrificed Scalia in a Luciferian ritual.

It starts with two guys talking to each other. One mentions the coincidence that Scalia died on 13 February, which is the beginning date of the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia; Wiles acts as if he’s never heard of this before, but the details he spins out tell me he was preparing this argument before hand.

So what is Lupercalia? According to the one guy, they do a “bunch of crazy stuff with women, it’s a fertility festival” and it celebrates the birth of the Roman empire. To which Wiles replies that 13 February is the 44th day of 2016, and Obama is the 44th president. It’s a numerology argument. That’s bizarre enough, but the next thing he says dislocates my irony bone.

These people are truly into numerology. It’s their religion.


Then it’s just a solid stream of nonsense. There’s always human sacrifice involved. Where’s “there”? What other human sacrifices do you know about? Washington DC is full of pagan Roman sculptures. No, not really, but it does exhibit a lot of neoclassical architecture, for historical reasons. The birth of the Roman system, the birth of fascism, was on the 13th. So they killed a justice. No, the traditional date for the founding of Rome was 21 April 753BCE. It was not associated with fascism. The symbol of the fasces was used by Romans for the authority of the magistrates who represented the people. It’s an error to equate an ancient Roman symbol for a more modern form of dictatorship. Murdering judges was also not part of the Roman festival — and in fact, judges were represented by the fasces — so that “so” that implies this death was a natural conclusion of his garbled historical lesson was BS.

He then concludes that the assassins were sending a message, Don’t mess with us. We can murder a justice and get away with it.…The regime murdered a justice. Except he has no evidence to think that, Scalia was being coddled in a luxurious resort that caters to the wealthy elite, and if murdering obstacles to Obama was an easy thing, shouldn’t there have been more of a bloodbath in Congress?

Also, please note, we godless secular humanists and other such atheist scum don’t believe in Lucifer, numerology, or human sacrifice. If you really want to pin a crime on us, you’re going to have to invent plausible secular motives.


  1. Kevin Anthoney says

    You have to listen to Rick Wiles pontificating on the death of Scalia.

    Really? I have to?

  2. Zeppelin says

    I guess they were only trying to send a message to comically paranoid numerology enthusiasts? Because otherwise they sure wasted a lot of effort making the death look natural enough that no-one else suspects foul play.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    The scary thing, to me, is that these conspiracy theorists (and I include Trump here) are looking at the situation and saying “well, if I were in Obama’s shoes, I would have murdered Scalia.”

    You know, after carpet-bombing some place.

  4. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    ah yes, being of Roman theology is why the feds forced the NFL to abandon the Roman numbering of SuperBowls for SB50… (oh, wait…)

  5. dccarbene says

    For dog’s sake – surely if they had wanted to whack the pustule that was Scalia, that would have been about seven years ago, no?
    Speaking of numerology: count the letters in the name Ronald Wilson Reagan.
    Q. E. D.

  6. brucegee1962 says

    If I was part of a secret cabal that was involved in assassinating public figures, one of the folks I’d want on my payroll would be someone to play the part of an unhinged loon spinning up crazy-sounding conspiracy theories like Rick Wiles, so that anyone raising legitimate questions would also look like a loony.

    Seriously, though, there should be a general policy of autopsies being SOP for any high-profile death, just to reduce this sort of thing. Before you lump me in with Wiles, ask yourself — if it had been Bernie Sanders who was found dead in bed, and it was his followers spinning the theories, wouldn’t you be at least a little bit suspicious when you started thinking about how many rich and powerful folks would like to see him out of the way? Much as we would prefer it not to be the case, the fact is that there are amoral people on our side of the fence.

    Leaving out the silliness of the pillow, anyway, you don’t need a yuuuge conspiracy going up to Obama to want to remove all questions from a high-profile death like this. Considering the remoteness of the location and lack of security, just about anyone could have had access — a crazy local who heard a rumor at the bar about who was staying up the road, an obsessed stalker keeping track of Scalia’s movements, or even a reasonably competent hit man. So again, I think autopsies should be SOP every time — otherwise there are going to be questions.

  7. says

    Cross posted from the Moments of Political Madness thread.

    It’s silly to have to do this, but it looks like we need to debunk the conspiracy theory that Justice Scalia was suffocated with a pillow. Donald Trump repeated the “pillow over his face” lie.

    […] The owner of the resort who found Scalia, John Poindexter, later clarified to CNN, “He had a pillow over his head, not over his face as some have been saying…The pillow was against the headboard and over his head when he was discovered.” Presumably, few professional killers suffocate their targets and then forget to remove the pillow afterward. […]

    Mother Jones link.

    “Above his head” might have been better than the “over his head.”

    Conspiracy theories have now expanded: not only did President Obama kill Scalia, so did Hillary Clinton. Glenn Beck blamed God. Clinton killed Scalia so that, after she wins the presidency, she can appoint Barack Obama to the Supreme Court. Since other conspiracy theories have Obama running the UN, he is going to be a busy guy.

  8. ChasCPeterson says

    This is bush-league conspiracy theorizing. It’s much more plausible to believe that Leonard Nimoy faked his own death in order to secretly take over the Illuminati and then had Scalia killed to usher in Emperor Hussain Obama’s One World Government and take away our guns and shit.
    And why isn’t anybody mentioning the Marfa Lights?

  9. says

    Republican senators are getting more pressure from rightwing organizations to toe the line when it comes to obstructing an Obama nominee to replace Scalia.

    […] “The strategy that makes the most sense is to say that there should not be any consideration of this nominee,” Curt Levey, executive director of the FreedomWorks Foundation, said in an interview with TPM. “It would be irrelevant to have a hearing because it’s the situation: the fact that it’s an election year, the fact that his policies are before the court, the fact that the court is so finely balanced at the moment.” […]

    “It’s not about any one particular nominee,” Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director of the conservative legal organization Judicial Crisis Network, told TPM. “We know exactly the kind of person [Obama] is going to appoint. Getting into those details is just a silly distraction.” […]

    “Senator McConnell is right, under no circumstance should the Republican Senate majority confirm a Supreme Court nominee as Americans are in the midst of picking the next president,” Michael Needham — the head of Heritage Action, the lobby arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation — said in a statement posted Monday. […]

    “The Senate is under no obligation to consider them,” Travis Weber, the director of the FRC’s [Family Research Council] Center for Religious Liberty, said in an interview with TPM. “President Obama can nominate people until his heart’s content and they have no obligation to look at them one way or another, given the gravity of the moment.” […]

    FreedomWorks is preparing to target senators who look like they’ll back down from the fight, while bolstering those who hold to McConnell’s tough initial line. […] “In some cases where there are potential primary opponents, we might consider supporting a primary opponent if the senator did not do the right thing.” […]

    “The very fact that people on our side feel very strongly that there shouldn’t be a hearing before we know the nominee is because it’s not really about the nominee. … Frankly, the real objection here is to Obama.”


  10. grumpyoldfart says

    After the show they thought of their loyal fans who pay good money to hear such nonsense – and they laughed and laughed and laughed.

  11. zetopan says

    “Pretty sure secular is a dirty word to that crowd.”
    Only “pretty” sure? Actually, *REALITY* is a dirty word in that crowd.

  12. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    I still waiting for a conspiracy theory to account for the prediliction (err predominance) of conspiracy theories over every little occurrence that baffles people. Even the psychological explanation that the brain just naturally tries to make things fit, to the point of pulling together random pieces to make them fit into particular story’ makes sense, but incomplete.
    So lets pull in some random “ideas” to complete the “theory” about why the intertubez is clogged with conspiracy theories.
    The aliens are using their psychic fields to cloud our minds as a distraction from their plans to take our guns and setup some faux world government to make it easier to come harvest our organs that we donate as toxic waste, aaargh I can see them watching me… they don’t want their plans revealed, that’s why they have us looking at everything else and fabricating all kinds of theories to keep us distracted…..
    off the rails

  13. says

    Ted Nugent and other conservatives have posted their theories about how and why President Obama murdered Justice Scalia:

    […] Ted Nugent posted on his Facebook page a “report” from a website called InvestmentWatch alleging that Scalia was murdered to help Obama push through his policies on climate change. […]

    Alex Jones and his news crew agreed that Obama decided to kill Scalia in order to push through gun reform and socialism, while sparking “the final war” over the future of America.[…]

    The head of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), William Gheen, thinks that Obama may have murdered Scalia in order to “hand control of the highest court in our land to liberal socialists for the first time in American history” and change the outcome of an upcoming Supreme Court ruling on the president’s executive actions on immigration. […]

    Trump, naturally, said he found the pillow placement on Scalia’s bed “pretty unusual,” while [Michael] Savage called for a Warren Commission-style investigation into his death. […]


  14. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    re 17:
    Scalia (errr SCOTUS) is blocking our participation in the recently enacted “Paris Accords”(tm). So it makes a twisted sense that Scalia’s demise could be out of revenge, or influence to get the rainders to rethink their blockage.
    yet even I’m not paranoid enough (not quite yet) to give that any credense.[sic]

  15. JP says

    There is also the fact that the last earthly deed of Scalia was to go out and kill beautiful little birds purely for the sake of his own entertainment.

    Instant karma?

  16. illdoittomorrow says

    Cross-posted at Dispatches from the Culture Wars:

    Maybe it’s just because I watch too many movies, but if I were Totalitarian-in-Chief, and I wanted an enemy to die and to send a message while I’m at it, I wouldn’t bother with trying to make it look natural or accidental. I’d make it freakin’ obvious that I was behind it, to show I can reach out and get to anyone.

    Then again, that’s how they think their god works, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

  17. petesh says

    @21: Such actions require a precisely calibrated level of implausible deniability. Putin’s good at that.

  18. Menyambal says

    My first big complaint about Scalia had to do with the Second Amendment, so I’d have sent in my assassins on the 2nd of February. Oh wait, February is the second month. Hmmm.

  19. siessor says

    Or what is more likely, if one were speculating, that he died under embarassing circumstances that his admirers do not want publicised, such as in the company of a young man/woman or even auto-erotic asphyxiation.

  20. says

    Michael Savage had a meltdown while expanding on his previous discussion of Scalia’s death.

    On Tuesday’s edition of “The Savage Nation,” Michael Savage expounded on his suspicion that President Obama was behind the death of Justice Antonin Scalia […]

    Savage declared that if the scandal is “swept under the rug and Hussein is allowed to railroad his nominee down the throats of the American people without opposition, then all is lost, all is lost.”

    He added: “Antonin Scalia was the single largest obstacle to Obama’s end-of-term agenda and that’s all you have to know.”

    […] Savage claimed that Scalia may have been wacked because he “just killed a trillion-dollar-a-year business for the gangster left in the green business, they’re making more money on green rackets than they ever made in importing drugs, and you wonder why he was dead six days later?” […]

    Savage insisted that he could have his food poisoned for investigating the justice’s death. […]

    He then accused Obama of arming and funding ISIS, unlike Putin, whom Savage said “stepped in as the hero of the world.” “Never forget that Hussein may not be on the side that you think he’s on,” Savage continued. “Never ever forget that his loyalties are questionable.”

    After suggesting that the president is a secret Muslim who shows “solidarity with the other side,” he said that “if they can whack a Supreme Court justice and get away with it, tell me what else they can do?”


  21. unclefrogy says

    @20 places like that most often use purpose raised birds for those more accurately call shoots and not hunts
    so it is even stupider
    uncle frogy

  22. VP says

    @16 – The crazy part about this conspiracy theory is that there isn’t even the slightest reason for bafflement. Scalia was an overweight male who smoked and was 79. The real question is how he stayed alive this long.

  23. militantagnostic says

    VP @ 29

    The real question is how he stayed alive this long.

    As George Clemenceau said of Marshal Philippe Pétain “he has no heart, no guts and no brains. How can a man like that die?”

  24. says

    Savage and the rest are so unimaginative. If Obama wanted rid of Scalia why kill him? Just have his evil minions cook up a scandal to discredit him, like framing him for sex crimes or massive bribe taking. That also applies to Savage, Jones, and the rest. How much credibility would they have left with their fans if it came out that they were taking massive payments from the Russians or the Saudis to push conspiracy crap?

  25. tkreacher says

    Lynna, OM #27

    That “Hussein” trope – people either calling him by his full name, or, as in this case, simply reducing it to “Hussein” thing grates on me so much. This fucking blatant whistle meaning “brown”, “other”, “foreigner”, “Muslim”, “enemy”, “sub-human” is so odious it makes me sick.

  26. shadow says

    I thought Nugent was dead or in jail. Isn’t that what his prediction was if Obama was re-elected?

  27. Nick Gotts says

    I guess they were only trying to send a message to comically paranoid numerology enthusiasts? Because otherwise they sure wasted a lot of effort making the death look natural enough that no-one else suspects foul play. – Zeppelin@3

    Oh, it’s in the the official rules of the Global League of Evil Conspiracies – every member conspiracy must use arcane symbols and numerological formulae to “sign” their handiwork. Failure to do so will result in the loss of League points, and in the case of repeated offenses, expulsion from the League!

  28. Nick Gotts says

    How much credibility would they have left with their fans if it came out that they were taking massive payments from the Russians or the Saudis to push conspiracy crap? – timgueguen@32

    Are you trying to tell us something? ;-)

  29. Nick Gotts says

    Scalia was an overweight male who smoked and was 79. The real question is how he stayed alive this long. – VP@29

    Yes, now you mention it, that’s very suspicous! Probably Obama murdered the real Scalia some while ago, substituting a robot that could simply be switched off at a time of his choosing. The cunning, cunning fiend!!!!

  30. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin has cracked what really happened: It wasn’t Scalia who died, it was Obama. Scalia is now residing in the White House wearing an Obama mask. Proof of this is a secret order to FEMA to close the camps, and to make the trains available to to the Army so they can begin to deport non-thugs (including the imported moolsin forces Obama stashed in the national parks) and pretend-thugs (that is, anyone committing any of the crimes of not having “white” skin, or not being a tithe-paying xian republican, or having a vagina and either a job or shoes, or anything else President Scailia deems to be contrary to the original intent of the Constitution’s writers).

    Using their usual reliable unskewed polls, plus NSA/FBI/CIA/et al. databases, They estimate this will take about a week — maybe a month if some are (temporarily) used to laborers to build the Great Southern Wall — and then the finally, the truely-“United” States can settle down to an infinite period of prosperity, peace, and raping the rest of the world (using a few nukes every now and then if some furrin countrycolony refuses to comply with a “request”).