1. Akira MacKenzie says

    Why do I have the last couple minutes of Ren & Stimpy’s “Space Madness” suddenly playing through my head?

  2. Becca Stareyes says

    Nah, see, if women point to a white man, this has to be a lie or a misunderstanding. But if they point to a minority, well everyone knows about those men…

    Whatever fits their existing notions about who is a rapist. (Also, I imagine rape victims who are raped by a stranger who is a man of color are more likely to report because they know that saying ‘that black/brown stranger raped me’ is a lot more likely to get police support rather than police skepticism than ‘a fellow student I’ve met a few times because we share social circles’ or ‘my boyfriend’.)

  3. Becca Stareyes says

    Ack, and the comment program deleted my /sarcasm tag! Take the first paragraph read as sarcasm. (and preview your comments, folks! Don’t be me!)

  4. crocswsocks says

    I think I’ll still keep Dawkins’ books. I consider them to be works of genius that he produced before going completely insane.

    Don’t think I’ll be buying the ones I don’t already have, though.

  5. permanganater says

    @1 Marcus: I understand the connection between Harris and the left button, but is he women-hating rape-denialist as well? Don’t get me wrong, nothing would surprise me.

  6. Jake Harban says

    The answer, of course, lies in the use of the possessive term “our women” (which I hate for obvious reasons).

    Dudebros believe that women are chattel to be owned; specifically, that a woman can be the private property of an individual white man, and in the absence of an individual white male owner, a white woman is the communal property of white men in general while a non-white woman is the communal property of all men in general (but white men take priority). To them, rape is a property crime committed against men who own women, not a violent crime committed against women.

    So in Dudebroworld, a woman who claims to have been raped by a white man is almost always lying (because unless she can prove that a specific white man other than her rapist counts as her “owner” then she is the communal property of all men including her rapist) while a white woman who has any form of sexual contact with a brown man (even if it was consensual) is “raped” because that brown man was intruding on white male property.

  7. lanir says

    This is already unrealistic. The thankfully few racists and douchebros I’ve met in my life are not capable of enough coherent thought on these issues to recognize that those two buttons might just contradict each other.

  8. militantagnostic says

    Jake Harban

    The answer, of course, lies in the use of the possessive term “our women” (which I hate for obvious reasons).

    I think there is also an implication that it is OK to rape “someone else’s women” or at least that wouldn’t be as bad.

  9. Jake Harban says

    I don’t think they believe “someone else’s women” exists— they think that white women are the communal property of white men, while non-white women are the communal property of all men, with white men taking priority.

    As the two-button panel indicates, dudebros consider sexism and racism to be complementary tools of asserting their own inherent supremacy, as exemplified by their core belief that white men cannot ever rape because white men are entitled to have sex with anyone they want (except in the relatively rare event that a more powerful white man tells them not to have sex with “his” woman).

  10. says

    Jake Harban
    They do believe in “someone else’s woman”. That’s why women will say stuff like “I have a boyfriend/I am married” whether it’S true or not, because “leave me alone” is simply ignored.

    There’s a related phenomenon which I’ll call “rape fanstasy displacement”: Since they are aware that “rape is bad*” is still kind of social standard, they know they cannot simply say “I want to rape you (though some still do) so you shut up”. Instead they hope that some “less civilised” brown man will do the job for them and put the uppity woman back in her place.

    *This is of course only true about the concept as such, not about any actual rape

  11. Pierce R. Butler says

    Can anyone please identify the bearded and gold-braided Old White Man™ in the background of the second panel?

  12. johnmarley says

    @Pierce R. Butler (#12)

    I cut that out of the image and did a Google image search for it. It did not allow me to identify the gbOWM™ in question, but I did discover that the image is being used as the twitter icon of a toxic piece-of-shit. So nope, sorry.