A little good news

David Koch, right-wing extremist and obscenely rich promoter of destructive policies, has resigned from the board of the American Museum of Natural History, citing a need to “prioritize other commitments”. That’s good, he’s got no credibility in supporting science, but I do have to wonder what those other commitments might be — tainting the next presidential election, perhaps?


  1. robro says

    “… tainting the next presidential election, perhaps?” Nah, he thinks he’s already paid for that.

  2. says

    resigned from the board of the American Museum of Natural History

    He probably heard the word “fossils” and thought they were selling “fossil fuels”

  3. blf says

    The two kochroaches have been discussed extensively in multiple editions of the ongoing Discuss: Moments of Political Madness thread. In one of the latest entries, the other roach (Charles) complains “The US businessman says he gave presidential candidates a list of issues to address, but hasn’t seen results: You’d think we could have more influence.”

  4. says


    When you browse a site, don’t the ad networks just serve you ads that are appropriate to you, based on your browsing history?

    When it comes to offensive Internet ads, he who smelt it dealt it, say I.

  5. gregvalcourt says

    @sigaba Also funny: how FtB could offer a slot to advertisers who serve up sexist materials.

  6. raven says

    https://www. reddit.com/r/atheism/comments/423owy/freethought_blogs_pz_myers_and_the_sjws_are

    Reddit is a slimepit. And you are a slime troll. I won’t ever click on a reddit link. Not because it is revolting although it is. But because it waste seconds of my valuable life.

  7. chigau (違う) says

    You get the same crap ads even on other people’s computers when you log in with your log-in identity?
    Do you know how using an internet advertising service works?
    Is this you first day on the Internets?

  8. gmacs says

    greg you little shit,

    You know damned well those ads show up at the bottom of every fucking page on the internet no matter what computer you use and no matter the content of the website. I get those ads on my work computer when looking up news sites.

    But, as I said, you knew that. You’re just being a little shit.

  9. dianne says

    The most depressing “optimistic” thought I’ve had in a while: The Koch brothers don’t like Trump. They’re annoyed that he’s trying to win with THEIR party. They’ll likely throw their support behind one of his opponents. True, it will likely be Cruz, but the critical point is that it will be someone who is not Trump. This might make Trump either lose support or actually spend some of his own money on the campaign. In which case, BOTH Trump and the Kochs will be losing money. And they’ll be spending it on ads and campaign workers. In short, they’ll have to actually support the economy. For once. I just wish I thought that their egos would get so involved that they’d spend so much of their own money that they’d really be personally broke at the end of it. I feel that there is little that could improve the world so much as having both the Kochs and Trump on welfare. Real welfare, I mean, where you get $20 a month’s worth of food stamps and spend your whole life doing paperwork to justify your claim to poverty, not corporate welfare where you get given billions for being an incompetent CEO.

  10. garnetstar says

    I believe that David is the Koch brother who loves ballet, and has given a lot to support his local company, the New York City Ballet.

    Please David, now that you have some time to spare, can we now look forward to your working hard for, and generous support of, local ballet companies across the nation? So that your name can have at least something good associated with it? Something that would get you off the street?


  11. says

    We get those ads because we have outsourced our advertising to another company: we do not have an advertising department or even an advertising person. We sign up with this other company, we negotiate a space on the page, and they fill it up with crap that draws clicks. We get a little bit of money.

    If you hate those ads (as I do), don’t click on them. We get served those ads because they’re full of clickbait that people readily fall for, not because we think they’re classy.

  12. tbp1 says

    @15: Yes. My wife and I were nauseated some years ago when we went to NYC over Christmas, in part to see the Ballanchine Nutcracker at the NYCB, and discovered that the former New York State Theater was now the David Koch Theater and that his name was all over the program. It doesn’t keep up from going to events there, but I always shudder a bit when I walk up to the theater and see the name.