1. blf says

    How can you see anything trhough that?

    Tentacles. The answer is always tentacles. Except when it’s cheese. Or, for a password, swordfish.

  2. nonnun2 says

    The true trendsetter dons the unique without hesitation, while the rest of us just wonder what that would be like.

  3. jmc42 says

    hrun0815 Glad someone got the reference!! Is PZ indicating he is connected to Satan? Oh the horrors!!!

  4. Bob Foster says

    Add a tweed, 8 panel, newsboy cap and a 6 foot long, fuscia silk scarf. It’ll be your trademark. You’re welcome.

  5. dianne says

    Is PZ indicating he is connected to Satan?

    I’ve always been fond of the theory that it was god, not satan who was the viewpoint character in the song. Or that the song was hinting that the two characters were one.

  6. Guy in a Tank says

    On more than one internet forum I have introduced myself with a post titled “Please allow me to introduce myself.” It always surprises me how few people actually get the reference. I’m glad PZ and the commenters here would get it, though :).

  7. blf says

    PLEASE tell me you will do at least one lecture while wearing those!

    And to ensure the students are traumatized for eternity (that is the point, isn’t it?), nothing else…

  8. What a Maroon, oblivious says

    All you need now is a straw hat and a tie and you could pass for Leon Redbone’s big brother.

  9. Bob Merlin says

    I’m a man of wealth and taste
    I’ve been around for a long, long year
    Stole many a man’s soul and faith…

  10. spacejunkie says

    “Please let me introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste.
    But just like that first line my ideas all come from another place.”
    TISM “Leos’s Toltoy”