1. madtom1999 says

    If you blow gently on the monkeys face does it lift its arms up and quiver like a human baby does?

  2. nomadiq says

    I love images like this. It’s up there with the Sagan pale blue dot image from NASA. It puts who we are into perspective. It humbles us and inspires wonder.

  3. Sili says

    Interesting. Monkeys have never done it for me. I don’t like the little fuckers.

    Possibly, this the same phenomenon of hating in other, what we dislike in ourselves.

  4. vaiyt says

    I don’t have anything intelligent to say, so I’ll just go with “this is adorable”.

  5. azhael says

    That’s just beautiful :)

    Good job there are no monkeys in these pictures then.

    Actually, there are at least four.

  6. opposablethumbs says

    Apparently I happily told the assembled parties (i.e. midwife* plus OH) that the baby was ugly (of course it was. Seriously, have you looked at a newborn-within-minutes-of-birth baby?) and that all newborn (humans) looked like monkeys (yes, all right, I should have said apes. I was immediately postpartal (if that’s the word) at the time, give me a break already) or squashed avocados (I was thinking of the little dark wrinkly ones, not the big smooth green ones. Fortunately). I thought this was just fine. Apparently the midwife was a bit perturbed for a moment, though.
    She’s in final year of biochemistry now (the spawn, that is, not the midwife). Wow, when did that happen …

    * that means trained and qualified medical professional in this country, for the sake of clarification. No woo required.

  7. nich says

    OT@10: My kids were both blue, cone-headed, gore-covered little things. They were ugly but in a cute sorta way. Like a Pixar movie directed by David Cronenberg or David Lynch.

  8. David Marjanović says

    If you blow gently on the monkeys face does it lift its arms up and quiver like a human baby does?

    Only one way to find out.

  9. Cuttlefish says

    At that age, my own offspring were a bit more yellowish-green.

    I know I’m jaundiced, and I know kids take after their parents, but I didn’t expect them to be such fast learners.

  10. sugarfrosted says

    New born monkey is cuter than new born baby. I mean granted most babies are ugly until 3 months.

  11. Rumtopf says

    @Sili I kinda feel the same, where I still find them interesting and everything, they’re just freaking scary. I did have an interesting experience with a chimpanzee at Whipsnade zoo in the past. We were checking out the exhibit building, quietly watching one of the chimps by the glass, when a bunch of screaming, annoying kids came pouring in, blocked the view, continued being loud and obnoxious so we left and sat by an observation window outside. I suspect the chimp felt the same way about the kids because he came and sat “with” us at that window xD. Gave me a fist bump at the glass too. He still frightened me a loooot, like a mixture of fear/respect I suppose(knowing how strong/smart they are will do that). Monkeys are far creepier than apes for me though. Do not want monkey fist bumps.

  12. The Snout says

    Actually, there are at least four (monkeys).

    Nah, the cutie on the right is definitely an ape, not a monkey – you can tell by the range of movement at the shoulders. I think the cutie on the left is probably an ape too, judging by the surface anatomy of the shoulder musculature. And the hands holding the stethoscopes look like ape hands rather than monkey hands to me, but it can sometimes be hard to tell.

  13. georgebean says

    Interesting! The gorilla baby isn’t exhibiting the newborn tonic reflex like the human baby is. Do they not go through that development phase?

  14. Adam James says

    My favorite Thanksgiving argument: whether humans are apes. Well… really it was a toss up between that, or the do video games = art? debate.

  15. DLC says

    Now we know how the Simian Flu passed to humans and killed half the world, allowing the Rise of the Apes.
    Oh wait… both those are apes. Um . . . Well . . . Can you say plot hole ? I knew that you could.

  16. Menyambal says

    There was a baby chimp photo that looked exactly like the elderly version of George Burns.