1. Thumper: Token Breeder says

    I wanna go, and Oxford is right near me, but it’s three hundred quid! I can’t afford that :(

  2. rorschach says

    Easy sell if you get in for free. 299GBP is not a reasonable price, I’m sorry, so while I have attended many international atheist/humanist conferences before, I will pass on this one in protest. The fee is outrageous.
    How about Dawkins and Anthony sponsor 50 bucks each for attendees? Then I might consider it.

  3. embertine says

    Thirded; I really want to go although I know no-one in the humanist movement personally. But £300 is a looooodddda money. I would go for £200.

  4. ludicrous says

    Somebody tell the humanists that someone or some thing, perhaps one of those satan buggers, is ringing some loud bells while the nice soft spoken guy is trying to tell about the congress. What is this lust for background noise? Is it to scare off predators?

  5. says

    Heh. I’m planning an England trip this summer, and even intend to hit Oxford for the history. But 300 quid X 2 people X exchange rate would be nigh on $1000.

    Even it would mean getting to stalk PZ somewhere far from both our homes ;-).

  6. says

    Gah! I mean “in India at the time” and cannot afford the travel. I did ask about a bursary but it seems they are for foreign delegates not local ones even if they are living abroad.

  7. cartomancer says

    The bells on the soundtrack are an important inclusion. If you can’t put up with them for the two minutes of the video then you sure won’t be able to put up with Oxford in the flesh.

  8. Rich Woods says

    @Thumper #1:

    Ditto. The Saturday morning bus fare is no problem, but that’s my lot. Maybe I’ll go have a wander around the Ashmolean, now that they’ve finished the refurbishment.

  9. stripeycat says

    Also, I notice at least some of the sessions are in the Sheldonian. Anyone going to those, take a cushion: those benches are hideous.

    For an outside meet-up, if people doesn’t mind the walk, The Perch has a lovely beer-garden. Or somewhere in the Parks or CC meadows perhaps, if you want a more central location (perhaps we could do a pot-luck picnic if there’ll be time). If not too many people can make it (in my experience, trying to keep more than three or four punts in company is an exercise in futility), maybe we should try to introduce PZ to drunken punting if he can spare a few hours.