Mauritanian justice

Is this a sign of moderation by Muslim theologians? Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mohamed was a journalist in Mauritania who was accused of apostasy and of criticizing the prophet; a preacher, Abi Ould Ali, then chipped in and announced that he would pay €4000 blood money to anyone who would murder Ould Mohamed. Surprisingly, the preacher was condemned!

His call was immediately denounced by theologians and journalists in the north-western African country formally known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

This would be a more promising development if Ould Mohamed hadn’t already been arrested by the state, which has a law making it a death penalty offense to criticize the prophet. I’m not hearing much condemnation for an unjust and evil law — although I do suppose it’s progress when they shut down vigilanteism.

Meanwhile, Ould Mohamed is in jail awaiting a possible death sentence.


  1. vaiyt says

    And when the next batch of idiots comes here to accuse you of going easy on Islam, they will forget posts like these ever happened.

  2. nich says


    Talking about the horrors of Islamic fundamentalism is NOT Islamophobia. Saying everybody with the name Muhammad is an Islamic fundamentalist with a bomb in his turban and requires an anal cavity search to get on a plane IS Islamophobia. See the difference?

    Just wanted to get that out of the way.

  3. anuran says

    @2 nich – If more people had that attitude we would have killed hundreds of thousands fewer Muslims. And the militant Wahabists and mullah-fuckers wouldn’t have their current popularity.

  4. alexanderz says

    Those who condemned the preacher were likely distancing themselves so as to avoid any possible retaliation from the government. That part of the world is plagued with Islamist rebels, and anyone who shows themselves to be more religious than the government quickly becomes a suspect.
    Besides, it’s not like Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mohamed is going to survive. Though should he somehow escape with his life the blood money would return and there would be no condemnation.

    @anuran #3:
    Considering that the only countries who killed/ing hundreds of thousand of Muslims were/are Muslim countries or European colonies 60 years ago (when Islam wasn’t a major political force and nobody knew of suicide bombers), I’d say your comment is entirely wrong.

  5. godfreyj says

    “Ould” Mohamed? “Ould” Ali?

    You’d think that the Irish influence would have had a civilizing effect on those primitive Islamic societies. Evidently not.

  6. anuran says

    4 alexanderz: Obviously you have been living under a bell jar and were only recently released, so I’ll cut you some slack. Ever hear of Iraq? Afghanistan? Lebanon?

    Didn’t think so.

  7. alexanderz says

    @anuran #6:
    You do realize that those places have or had a civil war which was responsible for most of the casualties. In the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and in all of the wars between Israel and Lebanon non-local forces killed several tens of thousands at most. The number of civilians is disputed, but estimates vary from one third to two third of all casualties.
    The only non-local war that comes even close to “hundreds of thousands” was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan which claimed the lives of almost a hundred afghans. But it certainly wasn’t motivated by the image of all Muslims as terrorists.

  8. sacharissa says

    Do they not have an offence of soliciting murder or similar over there? A call like that needs more than criticism.