Midwest Society for Developmental Biology Meeting

I am tempted and will have to check my calendar: the Midwest Society for Developmental Biology Meeting is being held just down the road from me in St Louis on 26 September (OK, “just” down the road means a full day’s drive). I’d particularly like to see the work in segmentation clock dynamics.

But…but…classes! It cuts into a weekday!


  1. Sean Boyd says

    Like the song says, don’t know much about biology. But “segmentation clock dynamics” just sounds cool (and more important, from the bit I read at the above link, it IS cool.)

    Maybe a class field trip is in line for you, PZ…:)

  2. a miasma of incandescent plasma says

    Wash U is in a really cool area of the city. If you come down you will easily find some nice people that will help you acquire some toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake.