Baseball and atheism

Minnesota Atheists’ regional conference will be held in St Paul on 10 August, with the always awesome Susan Jacoby as the headliner. Sign up and join us! We’ll also have Amanda Knief, Hector Avalos, Greta Christina, and some boring local guy they always bring in because he’s cheap and convenient. But it will be great fun!

Also, sign up for the baseball game the night before. Maybe you aren’t into the sports stuff, but it’s more of a social event with our local team, the St Paul Aints, having a great time clowning on the field, and lots of cheerful godless conversation over hot dogs and beer. I went last year, and greatly enjoyed myself.


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    This sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! As an Atheist baseball fan I’ll be cheering for the Aint’s in “spirit” if you will.