El Censo Mundial de Ateos ahora en español!

An important message from the Atheist Census: El Censo Mundial de Ateos ahora en español! Más de 220.000 personas han sido contadas en todos los países del mundo – asegúrate de serlo tú también!

(For us non-Spanish speakers: “The World Census of Atheists is now in Spanish! More than 220,000 people have been counted in all countries of the world – be sure you do too!” And actually, there are options to translate it into a whole lot of languages there.)


  1. says

    Una cerveza grande, por favor.

    (And still not a fan of this whole atheist census business, it’s just not representative at all, there would have to be 220,000 atheists in Sydney alone, and they’ve been counting worldwide for months now)

  2. cactuswren says

    I haven’t even answered it in English. And can’t, because there are questions I can neither skip nor meaningfully answer.

  3. David Marjanović says

    Huh. All this time I thought it was a call for atheists to actually use that word next time their country happens to have a census.

    there are questions I can neither skip nor meaningfully answer

    The preferred designations (“titles”, WTF?) are not just not mutually exclusive, but I want three of them, and the site wants me to choose only one.

    What country am I from? Straightforward enough, but it’s not where I live now, it’s probably not where I’ll ever live again for any long amount of time, and the country isn’t responsible for my deconversion anyway, the last stage of which extends from that one to the next (which isn’t where I’m now either).

    What are people supposed to answer who grew up in several religions in a row? Admittedly, most of those are almost certainly American Protestants whose parents switched denominations, but… And maybe Daoism and Confucianism should have been mentioned, introducing the concept of growing up in two or three religions at the same time.

    Anyway, have a look at the current results for age and gender identity.