1. Tyrant al-Kalām says

    Nooo, stop it!
    Poor people (in particular in developing countries) have to be reduced to incompetent receivers of benevolent donations from rich people! They cannot have interests or skills beyond begging for the most basic sustenance, because being poor must define them entirely! Don’t you see? We need to rob them of their humanity as punishment for being poor, while at the same time using them to silence our conscience.

  2. koncorde says

    Over here in the UK many schools sold off their brass and instruments as worthless due to the decline in uptake of classical music (despite the success of movies such as Brassed Off). In the last decade many of the new Academies have made a concerted effort to bring it back into vogue (it projects a different class, improves the perception of the school).

    I’d love to see something like this utilised to educate people that the music you hear isn’t just for a particular class of people, played by a particular class of people.

  3. FossilFishy(Anti-Vulcanist) says

    Who the fuck needs gods when there are people around who can do this? Awesome.

  4. says

    Brings to mind a piece called Junkestra written by the composer-in-residence at the San Francisco dump (yes, that was his actual position at the time). Funny how it’s both more high-falutin’ and more trashy at the same time.

  5. anchor says

    “We shouldn’t throw away people either.”

    That was sheer poetry.

    How refreshing it was to watch this completely unstained by any references to nonsense spirituality or alms to Big Daddy Creep in the Sky!

  6. thomasbloom says

    Only 7 comments? I thought this was brilliant. The Bach cello sounded like Yo Yo. How wasteful we are!

    Here in Thailand, there are free government bikes rusting in store rooms in every school, because students won’t ride them. If they can’t arive at school in a motor vehicle, they won’t go at all. I bike, and clean trash from the roads, no one else will do it.

    In Iowa City, there is a ‘dumster diving day’ where it is respectable to cull good stuff from dumpsters. And it is very good stuff. Working computers, bikes, sewing machines, TV’s.

    These folks would be the next generation of millionaires if they lived in the US. Smart, resourseful.

  7. unclefrogy says

    now I read them in proper order!
    This one is very inspirational on meany levels.
    from the recording the sound of the cello was very interesting with some overtones not found in “traditional” instruments very cool.
    The video reminded me of this poem and had a similar effect
    excuse me I have something in my eye.
    uncle frogy

  8. pHred says

    Oh my dog that was amazing! And after last weeks vote we have actually lost funding for the music programs in our school district (which has some of the filth richest people in our state outside of NYC!) because the kid just don’t need that stuff. I want to make every single person who voted no to the school budget watch this over and over until they get it!

  9. kreativekaos says

    Incredible and inspirational! Not only musicians,… but designers, amateur engineers, and builders as well!! I’m lovin’ this. (Got to send this to my wife who works with the Hispanic community.)