I survived my meeting with Seattle Atheists

It looks like Seattle Atheists are a good active group, and they hammered me with questions for about an hour after my talk. It was OK, they fed me good Puerto Rican food afterwards. My mother and two sisters came along to see what I was up to, as well, and they survived my ferocious rhetoric and haven’t disowned me yet. So I guess it was a good evening.

Now today I’m heading up the hill to Norwescon, where I’m going to be talking science on an evo-devo panel this evening, I think.


  1. bodach says

    I sat right behind your lovely family and had a great time at the lecture. Did you notice the hexopus carving above your head on stage? (guess the old Norwegians were not as enamored with octopi as you are).
    You mentioned Shermer and Harris’ recent books in passing; can you recommend anyone who is looking at the ethical basis of skepticism? I know that science doesn’t give it to us and your lecture pounded that pretty hard.
    Great to see you back in the NW.

  2. chris says

    Sorry I missed it. But Wednesdays are always bad for me, especially with college spring break. I had a house full of college students getting their rations of free food.

  3. okstop says

    Churchland is good, but if you want a broader range of input on the subject, David Copp’s essay “Why Naturalism?” is a good primer, Philippa Foot’s book “Natural Goodness” is lucid and accessible and short, and John McDowell’s “Two Sorts of Naturalism” should be required reading on the subject. I also hear Rosalind Hursthouse’s stuff is very interesting, but I haven’t read it.

  4. great1american1satan says

    Wasn’t sure where to put my reaction to the talk (I was there! I’m never there.), so I put that on the botanical post. It was great to finally go to an atheist-themed anything. :-)

  5. JoeBuddha says

    “I ain’t got a garage! You can call home and ask my wife!”

    That said, I had a great time and felt at home. Which may be odd for a Buddhist at an Atheist event, but there you go. Thanks for showing me that arrogance and bombast isn’t a prereq for being a leader in the atheist movement.

  6. Cyranothe2nd, ladyporn afficianado says

    YAY, I had a good time at the talk and even got to ask you a question. :D

    Now, where did you get this awesome Puerto Rican food?


  7. stanbrooks says

    I was there, somewhat old fart sitting left of the projector (from the perspective of the stage) wearing a hat. Not usually much for comment blogs, but am a VERY regular, if perhaps not daily, reader of this blog. Loved the talk and loved even more the comments after. I’m thinking I know where you went for great PR dining, down on Market Street, forget the name of the place but not the food. So glad to have had the opportunity to hear you in person.

    Cyranothe2nd, ladyporn afficianado: I’m one of those, proudly representing, big smile here.

  8. cmking says

    Thanks PZ we enjoyed your talk immensely. I was prepared, but my spouse was a bit surprised at how mild mannered you are! ;-)

  9. bodach says

    Thanks PZ and OK; firing up the Kindle over the weekend, but may have to hit the library for McDowell’s work. Ethics can be expensive!