Need more Creation Science Fair?

Here’s another moderately detailed summary of the Twin Cities Creation Science Association’s Homeschool Science Fair. It’s about as I expected: some kids were enthusiastic about the science and actually thought about what they were doing, others were coasting by blankly, doing the work because they were required to. In other words, not any different from a secular science fair, except for the Bible verse nonsense and for some, the attitude that they were there to refute science…by using science.


  1. glodson says

    I still get angry thinking about this. Some of these kids seem to be genuinely interested in science, and really want to learn. Not all of them, of course, but they are trying. And they are being taught nonsense and superstition while being taught it is science.

    Such a fucking waste. It isn’t just a death cult, it is a cult of ignorance too.

  2. mithrandir says

    @glodson: It’s the “moderate” religious folks who really have cause to be angry about what this sort of thing does to the kids who are interested in science. Because the kids who love science but get taught that you have to be a creationist to be Christian will eventually find out that creationism is a pack of lies, and become atheist.

    That’s pretty much exactly what happened to me (though I only got my creationism from church).

  3. says

    Whoever says that stalactites take millions of years to form? Caves usually don’t last that long (at least without modifications that often end growth, if not the stalactite itself), certainly many with good stalactite growth aren’t millions of years old.

    That whole “stalactites can form fast” idea, however, just takes me back to the piecemeal context-free creationist arguments I was told. The real question is, how long does it take calcareous ooze to be covered up, turned to limestone, water to hollow out caves, and for stalactites to form in that process? How long did it take for limestone-generating plankton, corals, etc., take to evolve?

    Real answers find real geologic and evolutionary causes, and those usually take rather large amounts of time.

    Geln Davidson

  4. hallpower says

    OT.. Is the Skeptics Annotaded Bible legit? I want it.. I want it so bad I can taste it.. Just moves to a place in Sweden where for some reason god is strong… I want to give the church here a gift of information.. Did I mention.. Woman priest..Sad.