1. frankniddy says

    He’s a great counter-example to all of the “KIDS THESE DAYS!” BS that I see on an altogether-too-often basis. Keep up the good fight, Mr. Kopplin!

  2. madknitter says

    The kid totally rocks!

    Just don’t read the comments. Some of them are some of the most stupid ratshit creationism gobbledygook I’ve ever read.

  3. Ogvorbis says

    I read that a little earlier (link of the the Lounge (I think)) and I smiled. Some people really do understand the importance of these fights.

  4. grumpyoldfart says

    The fundies were removing science books from science class and not one adult had the courage to do anything about it. They waited until a teenager shamed them into action. “Home of the Brave” my arse.

  5. Q.E.D says

    When young Mr. Kopplin marshalled 78 Noble Laureates to write a letter to the Louisiana Senate to explain that ID/Creationims isn’t science you’d think they would have listened, been chastened and embarassed into repealing their IDiotic law instead of killing any repeal in committee. [1]

    [1] this sentence contains the false premise that Louisiana senators give a single fuck about science.

  6. zekehoskin says

    More power to him, but that’s a contender for the year’s stupidest headline. He isn’t making anybody’s life hell, he’s trying to keep hell out of science classes.

  7. says

    “What disturbs me though, is when other kids are the ones to dismiss me based on age,” he told io9. “They see a 19 year old kid and can’t believe that I can actually go out and change the world. Too many of my peers have this attitude that they need to dress nicely, sit quietly, and wait until we are adults to change things. This attitude must change. My generation needs to speak out for what we believe.”

    Best quote from the article.

  8. Barklikeadog says

    Mind numbing stupidity. Did anyone watch those videos? Those senators…well I don’t have the right words. I’m in brain shock at how obnoxious and blatantly stupid assholes those fuckers are. I applaud what young man is doing. I feel ashamed that an adult didn’t stand up first and try to fight this. I wish I was as brave as that young man.

  9. texasaggie says

    I read some of the comments on the article and except for a couple, they defended evolution in no uncertain terms. And when idiots like the mechanical engineer who “knows stuff” or a couple others who had absolutely no idea of what evolution (or biology for that matter) is all about spouted their idiocy, a whole host of people jumped right on them and set them straight. It really is worth the while to go back and read the comments. The way they dumped on both the obnoxious female lawyer and the ignorant male legislator was beautiful.