Friday Cephalopod: And the champion is…

Last spring, the All England Squid Fishing Championships took place, in which hundreds of fishermen strove to catch the largest squid. Unfortunately, the weather was not conducive to good fishing, and they caught nothing. Well, except for one person who discovered this cute little guy cling to his jig.


The winner!

This gives me hope. I’m going to sign up for a beauty contest right away.


  1. michaellatiolais says

    It occurred to me while looking at this that I’ve never heard of a freshwater cephalopod. After some googling, I hit upon a discussion of that here. Out of curiosity, are there any inland lakes which have sufficient salinity to support cephalopods? I ask because it’s recently come to my attention that there are some animals in the lakes surrounding my state(Kansas) which I normally associate with salt water(bryozoa in Kansas and jellyfish in Tablerock Lake in Missouri).

  2. kestrel says

    I would absolutely love it if there were freshwater squid. I keep and breed fish, as well as freshwater shrimp (blue pearl) so would jump at the chance of freshwater cephalopods. I’ve even got freshwater clams! But alas, no cephalopods… **SIGH**

    And meanwhile that little guy is SO CUTE. :D

  3. Hortan says

    I would imagine fresh-water cephalopods would suffer similar problems as other fresh water mollusks if not more pronounced with their specific bodyplan, streams and rivers leading inland prove difficult enough for clams and snails with their shells for protection.

    This is only a guess though.