Have you ever opened the refrigerator…

… grabbed the carton of milk, opened it to see if it had gone bad, had the smell of rancid horrible off hit your nose, recoiled, and handed it to the person next to you saying “Oh My God This Is Horrible Smell This”?

Why do we do that? Why is our first impulse, on having a horrible experience which we can spare those we care about from repeating, to insist on sharing that experience? It’s a mystery.

Anyway. This is horrible. Watch this.


  1. tuibguy says

    “555” is the exchange that media use for TV and movies and videos because the phone company doesn’t assign it, and no one will get prank calls from people because their number was in a movie.

    (Tommy Tutone forgot this important rule.)

    I had never heard it being used to represent The Rosary of Mary.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now and if we ever get a phone number from a homosexual.

  2. says

    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now and if we ever get a phone number from a homosexual

    … and we call and make plans and then two hours beforehand he’s all “something suddenly came up.” Again.

  3. sidhra acadia says

    By the way, I wonder who hangs out in the “Third Eagle of the Apocolypse’s” aerie.

  4. John Morales says

    tuibguy, O ye of little faith:

    1. “Queen of the Rosary Academy” at 555 Albany Ave., North Amityville

    (The horror!)

    2. “Praying the Rosary: Worship Commission” at St. Thomas a’Becket Catholic Church: 555 S. Lilley Rd., Canton

    … and if that doesn’t convince you, behold:

    3. “Our Lady’s Rosary Makers” product code 555.

  5. says

    Except for the Phillipines South Korea has the highest percentage of Christians. There’s almost a 1 in 3 chance Psy is some brand of Christian. If so I wondeer what he’d think of this.

  6. ChasCPeterson says

    “Why do I have to be ‘Mr. Yellow’?”


    So if you add up these three significant numbers–11, 22, and 33–you get, of course, the number of the Antichrist, and that is: 66.

    Sixty-six is the number of a god among men.


    Mary’s rosary is the weapon that Jesus wil use to crush the Antichrist.

    so, look, I was not raised Catholic but I grew up with and hung out with and married people who were?
    I’ve seen a few rosaies, is my point, and so I have to conclude that the Antichrist will be about the size of maybe a big cockroach? Or a small lizard or something.

    I’m not worried.

  7. Rodney Nelson says

    The Thrid Iggle of the Acrapolypse has used up his entire quota of wacko for 2012 and 2013 in that video.

  8. Madmaxine says

    How does one go about becoming a co-prophet?
    I think I’d like to add that to my list of achievements.

  9. ChasCPeterson says

    rosaries, of course.

    (btw, can you believe how often this mook sez “of course”? That has to be some kind of subconscious psychological reaction to cognative dissonance or some shit.

  10. Rodney Nelson says

    How does one go about becoming a co-prophet?

    Just announce it on a video or three. The same procedure is used to become a numbered Eagle of the Apocalypse.

  11. ChasCPeterson says

    I hereby announce that I am the Tweny-third Eagle of the Apocalypse.

    y’all better catch up, man

  12. bastionofsass says

    Reminds me of when a “friend” tricks you into watching some inane B sci fi movie that is so terrible you know you’ll regret spending the time you wasted watching it, but nevertheless you’re amused by its absurd awfulness.

    And, yes, I know I’m often amused by some really strange things.

  13. says

    When I was a grad student, my sweet little old landlady had a slightly different approach: “Huh. These cookies taste stale. Here. you can have the rest of them!”

    How I miss her!

  14. neuralobserver says

    WITF did I just watch???? It’s been a while since I’ve seen grandstanding religious nut cases, but I think the mold has just been broken.

    This has got to be parody…–Lachlan @25

    Parody,..or a really cheesy attempt to make some handsome profit from the crowd of religiously deranged minds out there in web land.

    Just goes to show ya,…. a little bit of symbolism is a dangerous thing.

  15. thebookofdave says

    Christ on a crutch, I think I’m gonna be sick! Here, you try it.

    BTW, the Third Eagle forgot to rotate the ’11’ on the girl’s sleeve 90 degrees. Clearly, the symbols are meant to be assembled into an equation. Where are the first two Eagles when it’s time for serious numerology?

  16. mildlymagnificent says

    By the way, I wonder who hangs out in the “Third Eagle of the Apocolypse’s” aerie.

    I’m here to tell you that there are a lot, an unbelievable number, of people who swallow this stuff whole. And no, lachlan, it’s not parody. I damn near gave my husband a heart attack a couple of years ago when I showed him one of the earlier videos – he laughed himself sick. Sick as a parrot. This isn’t the one, but it’s only 3 minutes, and it’s about the phallic rather the vaginal symbolism of Denver Airport. (I kid you not.) There are never-ending riches of hilarity available here for all who seek escape from the workaday world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOQsvOkkLq4

  17. neuralobserver says

    This guy would have had a field day with LOST,.. with its six lotto numbers; the series NUMB3RS would have driven him wacko (oh that’s right, he’s already wacko).

  18. michaelpowers says

    Well, I got through 48 seconds of that drivel. It can’t simply be a lack of intelligence, or even laziness…OK, it’s laziness, too. But mostly I think they just find their fantasy world, and dreams of the next more interesting. Pity they’re so dangerous.

  19. says

    Also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co-Prophet of the End Times.

    Oh, yeah? By anyone other than the crazy person you see in the mirror each morning?

  20. says

    @ Madmaxine

    How does one go about becoming a co-prophet?

    In the reply section at the bottom of the page, you should see your name, in blue, as follows:

    Logged in as Madmaxine.

    Click on that to get to your profile page. Scroll down to:

    Display name publicly as:

    Then change “Madmaxine” to:

    “Madmaxine, co-prophet.”

    Click: “Update Profile”


  21. Artor says

    I’m not touching that. I learned my lesson with the “Smell this,” scenario. I went to visit my friend who is a top-notch chef, and he was cooking when I came in- the place smelled great. He said “Smell this,” and handed me the pot off his Quisinart. Thinking it was something yummy, I stuck my nose in & took a big whiff. It turned out to be fresh horseradish & vinegar, since he was cooking for Seder. I fell to the floor screaming, and it felt like I’d taken a baseball bat to the nose.
    So when PZ hands me a video & says, “Watch this!” I hesitate. I already know about Tapley. Do Not Want!

  22. Artor says

    Oops, this wasn’t from PZ. Hey Chris Clarke, do you think you can rickroll PZ & get him to watch this?

  23. unclefrogy says

    and why isn’t this guy under medical care? maybe if he did not remember how to wash and dress in a conventional manner and did not speak calmly and self assured but his pitch sounds rather like the guy living out of a shopping cart wondering around down town who cowers in fear covered with religious talismans. and will not take his meds.

    uncle frogy

  24. Dick the Damned says

    You wanna know why he’s the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, eh? Because Eagle is the third component of his meta-name. William Tapley (Eagle). Add the letters – that’s right = 18, which is 6 + 6 + 6, or 666. Therefore, he’s the Antichrist!

    If he reads this, he just might self-destruct. Please, pretty please.

  25. sidhra acadia says

    it’s about the phallic rather the vaginal symbolism of Denver Airport.

    Our Third Eagle is no Broncos fan.

  26. cm's changeable moniker says

    Apparently, Satan will be victorious in the end times.

    In the mid times, you’re just going to have to deal with Victorious.

    Honestly, I’ve read Revelations, and I’ve seen Disney. I’m not sure which I prefer.

  27. fullyladenswallow says

    I just noticed that the phone-in number for The Atheist Experience begins with the number 5 and ends in two successive 5s. This must mean something or is it that license plate numbers only count?

  28. Tony ∞The Queer Shoop∞ says

    Dude, seriously–
    Can I get a lump of coal next year instead? At least that could serve as a paperweight.
    How the ever lovin frickin frack did he get 555 out of that license plate? And how exactly is 555 “the number of teh gay”? I thought that was 69.

  29. Tony ∞The Queer Shoop∞ says

    How can Satan be powerful enough to turn me into a lustful cockmonster, yet be defeated by a rosarie?

  30. says

    Funny thing is, this guy is equally credible to me as 95% of religious people.

    The remaining 5% are those who, under the pressure of reason, only defend a Deist position, but actually, I bet they’re equally nuts when in the company if other kooks.

  31. CHARLES says

    I’ve just been naughty

    Very naughty

    I should be punished

    I just posted the following to this mans YT channel
    You have missed 2 very indicative elements.
    The first is the pseudonym of this “person” – Psy.. This is a reference both to demonic “Extra Sensory Perception or PSYchic powers and, phonetically, to the Greek letter Psi which is the trident of Pagan sea “god” and the Satanic fork used in H*ll
    The second is Psy’s online avatar or image; a Merman coiled into the shape of a 6 which obviously implies the demonic Dagon (Joshua 19:27, Judges 16:23, Samuel 5:2-7, Chronicles 10:8-10

    May the FSM take me into his Sauce

  32. Ragutis says

    I like how he just ignores the 45 so he can get his numbers to add up. And national costumes? Hmm, lemme see… Karate outfit, Japan. Maid. French naturally. That guy is clearly from the UK, he has his Boxing Day robe on. Chef hat, must be a Swede! Bork bork bork!

    On a side note, $10 says Weird Al’s parody is going to be “Gingham Style”.

  33. Ragutis says

    Holy Crap. The dude has a video called “If you use condoms, you will not be raptured.” No, not going to put myself through that tonight.

  34. randay says

    As Richard Clark said on Bill Maher, in Al Qaeda you don’t want to be the number 3(eagle)because that is the one that always get killed. He is the guy dressed in red on StarTrek. One and two remain as isolated as much as possible to avoid assassination.

    This guy smells because he is washed in the blood of the lamb as seen in Mildlymagnificent’s video link.

  35. kirk hull says

    Sorry, I make it a point to not listen to people who do not know how to button their shirt collars.

  36. Gnumann+, something borrowed, something gnu... says

    Kirk Hull commented at #66. Clearly he is the devil, or possibly the sex worker from Camp Alpha. No wonder he tells us not to watch the revelation…

  37. Nakkustoppeli says

    I wonder what he would find by listening Gangnam Style backwards like they did to heavy metal songs in the 80s.

  38. Nes says


    Oh, but that’s the fun part of numerology: you’re allowed to do anything you want to the numbers to get them to say what you want them to say reveal the truth! You just have to pick out the “prominent” numbers, of course. That’s why it’s okay to take the numbers from the edges of the license plate and ignore the ones in the middle, or equate 66 with 666!

    Also, does he really not realize that the shirt was spelling out “Bingo?” At least, that was my assumption, though I haven’t seen the video that he’s examining.

    Hey, that would have got him another: add up the letters (value based on order in alphabet) to get 47. 4+7 = 11 (or take the 11 from the shirt). The numbers of letters in “bingo” is 5. 47+11+5=63, and we all know that that’s code for 3 6’s, or 666! I think that discovering this will promote me to the 8th Peacock of the Rapture and Co-Prophet of the Second Coming!

  39. insipidmoniker says

    This video reminds me how far I have to go. I am currently only the 37th Emu of the Mild Dyspepsia.

  40. says

    I think this is a good thing. People like Bishop Ussher have been doing this stuff for thousands of years, and by the time it filters down to the masses it’s just “It’s real complicated, but the numbers can’t be a coincidence!” Now with youtube you can follow the reasoning…and crack up laughing.

    It is worth noting that Catholicism completely rejects the whole rapture/tribulation/apocalypse fantasy. The idea that Jesus will somehow use Mary’s rosary to defeat the antichrist is daft, even by the most liberal interpretation of the hallucination revelation.

  41. pjabardo says

    I was just thinking, 666 is everywhere:

    1 = 666 – 666 + 666 – 666 + … + 1

    We should all give up math for good it’s of the devil!

  42. left0ver1under says

    Tapley seems to think highly of himself. The “co-prophet of the apoclypse”?

    Myself, I think Tapley seems to be high. You have to be stoned to read that much into the brilliant social commentary of that song and video.

  43. left0ver1under says

    Moggie (#61)

    Coprophet? Ok, I get the first part, but what’s a “phet”?

    Maybe he’s just another illiterate and ignorant christian. He probably meant coprophage.

  44. says

    @ LykeX

    According to the co-prophet:

    Who does this man in yellow represent?

    He says yellow stands for cowardice. But Psy would not necessarily see things from such a western perspective. Here yellow would be heavenly. A sign of wealth and status. (The colour of the Emperor, no less.)

  45. peterh says

    Gave up on the video about 3′ in; same old same old same old. What of the perfectly authentic manuscripts who have the number of the beast/b> as 616? Guy can’t even keep his boogeymen straight.

  46. borax says

    Oh Damn. I thought that numerology was a tool of divination, which is proscribed by the Bible as a tool of witchcraft.

  47. vaiyt says

    He says yellow stands for cowardice. But Psy would not necessarily see things from such a western perspective. Here yellow would be heavenly. A sign of wealth and status. (The colour of the Emperor, no less.)

    What did you expect? Look at him. He’s the very figure of Whitey Know It All, sure that everyone else in the world works with his cultural assumptions.

  48. epikt says

    Couldn’t watch it all the way through. My brain automatically disconnects on hearing “we know from scripture…”

  49. Nick Gotts (formerly KG) says

    Horrible? I thought it was hilarious.

    Why doesn’t Satan just make a video entitled “Hey, everybody, the antichrist is here and he’s going to kick Jesus’s ass!”, if that’s the message he wants to get across? You’d think he’d know that as an advertiser, you have to make your message easy to grasp.

  50. says

    We have two old dogs (10 and 13 years). As any dog owners will know, old dogs tend to release a lot of gas. Whenever my wife says “Eww…the dog farted”, I always, automatically sniff the air. Why do I do that?

  51. lorn says

    Why do we pass the rotten milk to other? Simple, humans grow together by sharing experiences. And it is the intensity of the experience, rather to its positivity, that determines the degree to which the people bond.

    Bikers have long known that if you get a young thing on your bike and take her for a wild ride the fear and and intensity will make her feel closer to you. It is a sure-fire panty-drop maneuver. A scary or tear-jerker movie works in a similar, if less effective, manner.

  52. says

    I think we should give this guy all the support and encouragement we can.

    There must be plenty of other videos he can deconstruct.

    Justin Bieber, for example. I’m quite convinced he’s the anti-Christ.

  53. Dick the Damned says

    Moggie # 61

    Coprophet? Ok, I get the first part, but what’s a “phet”?

    It’s onomatopoeic, like the French expression, ‘pet’. In other words, our Billy is the shit fart of the end times.

  54. Tony ∞The Queer Shoop∞ says

    Can you please not refer to women as ‘young things’. They are people deserving of respect.

  55. Anri says

    I’m happy, I correctly predicted Janine’s YouTube link.

    Ok, it’s the small things for me. The very small, highly geeky things.

  56. cicely (Co-co-Prophet of the Equine Apocalypse) says

    Yeah…that smells pretty bad. Of course, it’s about a “dance” style modelled on Horses, so surprise!, there are Horses in it!
    A’course, if he was proposing that this video prophesies the coming Equine Apocalypse, he’d be galloping on much firmer ground.

    Maybe = Mabus? Why not Mayberry (symbolic of the Rep’s nostalgic America that never really was)? Or Maybelline (symbolic of Woman)? And any number with 3 5’s in it anywhere = 555? Nevermind the determination to see 666’s everywhere….and 66 ≠ 666; d00d fails at maths FOREVER.

    This has got to be parody…

    Sadly, tragically…not.

    How does one go about becoming a co-prophet?

    It’s a lot like on-line ordination—just fill out the forms, and receive your License to Prophesize in the mail 4 to 6 weeks later. You get to design your own vestments and everything!
    Speaking of which, I find this guy somewhat lacking in the vestments department. More flowing robes! More long, unkempt hair! More dribbling—okay, he’s got that covered. Still—not up to my rigorous standards for (co)prophets.

    Coprophet? Ok, I get the first part, but what’s a “phet”?

    I *snortled*.

    But why didn’t he jump to the King In Yellow? It seems so obvious.

    That’s certainly where I went with it.

  57. kemist, Dark Lord of the Sith says

    I’m sorry people, I have to say thanks.

    This is one of the most hilarious videos I’ve watched in a while.

    And somehow, imagining people watching this and taking it seriously adds to the hilarity.

    Quick, someone suggest him to write a doctoral thesis from that nonsense, starting with “Hello, I’m the third eagle of the apocalypse, also known as the coprophet of the end times.”

    Who needs clowns when you’ve got people so dedicated to make themselves ridiculous?

  58. Rodney Nelson says

    cicely (Co-co-Prophet of the Equine Apocalypse) #95

    You get to design your own vestments and everything!

    Speaking of which, I find this guy somewhat lacking in the vestments department.

    The guy can’t even figure out how the buttons for his collar work.

  59. says

    Frankly, this type of character fascinates me. I wonder about his family and friends. I wonder if they can identify exactly when the cheese slipped off his cracker, or if it was a gradual process.

    I wonder if he can even go down aisle 6 in the grocery store (or aisle 18 at the Wal-Mart).

  60. says

    A FET is a transistor that uses the electric field effect to control the flow of current through the device and has similar operating curves to a vacuum tube in which………………….

    Oh shit……………………..

    My mistake. Carry on!11 :-)

  61. Grumps says

    @71 insipidmoniker

    I am currently only the 37th Emu of the Mild Dyspepsia.

    Very, very funny… giggling, tears in the eyes. Thank you.

  62. Tony ∞The Queer Shoop∞ says

    Copro…ok I get that.
    Phet…Boba’s half brother, discovered after Star Wars jumped the shark?

  63. evilDoug says

    His address is 3038 wall street forestport ny 13338

    If you take the 8 off, you are left with 303.
    8 is 2^3, which clearly means that there should be a (please note, that is a hard “a”) 3 in the second position, yielding 333
    Now multiply that by the 2 that is left over, and you get …

    Zip code 13338
    Take off the 1 and the 8, and sum them to 9, which is 3+3+3, or 333 which, when summed with the original 333 is …

    refrigerator story (condensed)
    Bunk trailer in forestry compound
    Meat left in propane refrigerator
    Someone turns off propane
    Passage of time
    Biologist and 3 summer student employees arrive to use bunk trailer
    Guess who keeps his hands clean

  64. Crip Dyke, MQ, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    @Ibis3 – #47:

    Yeah – Garbage, the toilet, and women. Co-prophet of the apocolypse? Co-self-fulfilling-prophet of his own apocalypse, I’m sensing.

  65. DLC says

    I couldn’t bear to watch all of that horror show. Clearly the Yellow Man was The King in Yellow.

    and, because it needed saying: “first you get down on your knees and fiddle with your rosaries !”

    and. because I am unable to organize my thoughts at this time due to the horror : So, Jesus, when he comes back, will walk up behind the Antichrist and strangle him with a rosary ? But what if I’m he’s standing in an Iron Chariot at the time ? Also, would a Segway count as a chariot ?

  66. leatham says

    Is he one of those sadly brainwashed types who becomes more firmly entrenched in ridiculous ideas whenever someone calls him out as a twit? The argument is something like “People are against me and say I am foolish to believe in God, therefore I must be right because Christ suffered”. Yeah, right.

    Here in Australia we only get the media’s view of the USA, but if reports of the Evangelical movement are correct then America is in serious trouble. Basing any society on an the Bible is so dangerous. Europe tried that once. The resulting Crusades and the burning of witches and heretics were not proud moments in history.

    Is there anyone left in the USA education system who doesn’t waste time every day reading the Bible? There is nothing positive to be gained in stories by ancient and hideously violent tribesmen.

  67. frankb says

    This video has opened my eyes to the power of satan in our world. This numerology stuff is a powerful investigative tool. For example 6 plus 6 is 12, divided by the third 6 and you get 2. We see 2 around a lot.

    Now let us see what else we can find. Six times six is 36 plus the third six is 42, which is the answer to life, the universe and everything. Shocking! Douglas Adams has been revealed. We can now look through his books for messages from the antichrist.

    Well, that’s it for me. There is too much crazy to be doing it for long.

  68. cm's changeable moniker says

    The Denver Airport Conspiracy

    Is the Denver International Airport really a headquarters for the New World Order?

    On the surface, Denver International Airport seems like any other modern airport. It’s new, it’s clean, it’s big, and it’s modern. But some investigators have found more to it than meets the eye. Much more. Claims abound that Denver International was designed and built by the Illuminati as the headquarters for the global genocide that will trigger the New World Order.


  69. DrewN says

    I wonder if he’s ever encountered anything that didn’t make him think “Of course, this is about these End Times.” I look forward to his next video where he reads the numbers under the bar codes of his groceries and concludes that the stockboy is Satan.

  70. says

    Claims abound that Denver International was designed and built by the Illuminati as the headquarters for the global genocide that will trigger the New World Order.

    That’s completely stupid. It’s obviously O’Hare.

  71. Rodney Nelson says

    While O’Hare is a really bad airport, it’s better than the three NYC airports. Newark is the best of these, which isn’t saying much. JFK has long lines at check-in, security and baggage pickup. LaGuardia is dilapidated, has antiquated baggage handling, long lines for everything, very spotty wifi, and is filthy.

  72. Rodney Nelson says

    Jessa #113

    Please tell me that’s photoshopped. Please don’t make me think a guy could actually wear that outfit in public without a fright wig and red bulb nose.

  73. Jessa says

    Rodney Nelson:

    Please tell me that’s photoshopped. Please don’t make me think a guy could actually wear that outfit in public without a fright wig and red bulb nose.

    Not ‘shopped. Ask any convenient Canadian you might have lying around.

  74. Antichrist says

    Hi. This is the Antichrist. I have decided to stop using obscure numerological references in music videos to seduce people into following me. I am just going to come right out and say it: follow me and I will make sure you have lots of hot sex and good drugs! Also, Jesus sucks!

  75. says

    I’m sorry, but you’re not the real Antichrist. The truth is he took off for Tau Ceti centuries ago after he actually sat down and read Revelation. He realised he had no chance of winning on Earth, so he decided to go find another planet to enslave. Unfortunately no one up in Heaven has bothered to tell the folks on Earth we no longer have to worry about the Second Coming and all that nonsense.

  76. mildlymagnificent says

    Somebody mentioned the use condoms – miss the rapture video. I watched it. Booooring.

    But. Something a bit pathetic and sad. When it finished I looked at the other panels that came up, and there was another bloke. I thought he’d be an amusing acolyte, a fledgling eagle maybe, but he wasn’t.

    He was serious, dead serious in fact, that our favourite comedian with all the inside gen on Denver Airport and the New World Order – is going to burn in hell. Because he follows the Anti-Christ. He’s Catholic.

    It’d be almost bearable if it was in the old Paisley brimstone baritone, but it wasn’t.

  77. gworroll says

    The hell is this? What?

    To be fair to him, though, he’s apparently mailing out free copies of his book. He’s a loon, but at least he’s not a greedy loon.