1. paulburnett says

    The mutated (?) reindeer has non-reindeer-like flat primate-like areola/nipples on its chest instead of further back where “normal” cervidae have them. Kinky artistic license or what? And yes, definitely garish.

  2. Olav says

    So, this is what PZ dreams himself to be. Some fierce and grandiose comic book character ;-P

    Anyway, have a merry whatever.

    Me, I am avoiding all social obligations this year. Family can just go fuck themselves. Frankly I don’t need them or their dramatics.

  3. Ray, rude-ass yankee says

    Hope PZ and all y’all have a fierce xmas too! With family, friends, good food and drink, or whatever floats your boat!

  4. Chrisco says

    They reindeer looks so indifferent prior must’ve not been his first rodeo. Merry Christmas and/or holidays to the entire Pharyngula tribe. Dont forget to eat your black eyed peas for luck…( i eat them cause they’re freakin delish).

  5. Tony ∞The Queer Shoop∞ says

    This isn’t Project Runway, so I will spank anyone not named Christian who says ‘fierce’.

  6. harbo says

    We just drank “White Wine in the Sun” Thanks to Tim Minchin
    Season’s greetings and goodwill to all.

  7. FossilFishy (Νεοπτόλεμος's spellchecker) says

    Sparklecorn approves!*

    *This link may in fact induce seizures. If so don’t blame me, blame the mad folks at MadArtLab.

  8. robro says

    Doonesbury is running a parody on Fox’s hyperbolic War on Christmas. Roland is at the scene of a nativity desecration today.

  9. catlover says

    I wish you a very fierce whatever, PZ!

    Webmaster for FTB: Help!! I cannot reliably get to FTB when I type “” into the URL field. I sometimes unpredictably get only a list of some of the blogs. This only happened after the site was redesigned. This also happens to a friend on his computer, too, so the problem is not with my computer, or his. Please fix this!

  10. says

    Not nessa-celery, catlover – if you are both running the same browser version on similar computers, it may well be something specific to that configuration combination. I’m sure that the webmaster will find it easier to sort out how to fix the problem if you tell ou what your brower and operating system config might be, and perhaps take a screenshot, upload it to picasa or twitpic or somesuch, and then post the image URL here.