I’m finally going to visit Duluth

I’ve lived in Minnesota for 12 years now, and never been there. That will be rectified next month.

I’ll see you folks from the Northeast quadrant of the state there.


  1. A. R says

    Whilst you Minnesota people will be having fun laughing a creationists, I’ll be in my lab squishing fruit flies…

  2. Usernames are smart says

    Woah! Where’d you get the crocoduck tie?! That’s pretty nice, PZ!

    If I had to wear a tie, that one would be it, fo’ shizzle!

  3. A. R says

    Usernames are smart: I had one custom-made when I was preparing for an encounter with Bananaman (saw something about him coming to the area I was going to be in, promptly ordered one, wore it every day, but I didn’t ever run into his goons. He probably would have deleted the video anyway.)

  4. mikesalamone says

    A man gets on a bus and asks the driver, “Does this bus go to Duluth?” The bus driver responds, “No, this bus goes beep beep.”

  5. grendelsfather says

    Ole and Lena finally get married in Minnesota. Ole drives them to the hotel in Morris where they planned to spend their honeymoon. As they are about to pull into the hotel parking lot, Ole reaches over and puts his hand on Lena’s knee. Lena says, “Oh, Ole, now that we are married, you can go farther than that.” So he drives on to Duluth.

  6. deathpaneldecider says

    While you’re fighting the good fight against 12th century thinking, can you please be sure to get in some ridicule for that national embarrassment Michelle Bachmann? It sounds like there’s a chance we might be rid of that clownish fool come November. :)

  7. Brother Yam says

    Go to Fitger’s and get a wild rice burger, they’re loverly.
    Or, if’n yer by Canal Park, Northern Waters Smokehaus for a sandwich. But, considering your ticker, I’d hope that you’d opt for the wild rice burger as it’s probably less strain on the blood plumbing…

  8. deathpaneldecider says

    Never visited Duluth, but being on Lake Superior it’s probably got some amazing natural beauty which may not yet be buried under snow for a few more weeks. :)

  9. says

    My partner’s lived in MN for almost as long as I’ve been alive and he still can’t tell me what’s the big deal about Duluth.

  10. Yellow Thursday says

    Duluth may have no more to offer than any other city about the same size, but to those of us on the frozen, barren Iron Range, it is a destination for shopping and dining. I will definitely be setting my alarm October 7, so I can drive that hour to Duluth.

  11. bbgunn says

    My father-in-law, my spouse and I sat for nearly 5 hrs on our veranda at the Best Western in Duluth a few years back, relaxing while sipping whiskey and enjoying a beautifully sunny 70F day in September. From our perch, we overlooked the Lake and the entrance to Duluth’s harbor. His short term memory issues from dementia had him pointing out each time the harbor lift bridge would rise or lower like it was a brand new event. And we treated each of his observations like it was the first time we heard it. It was the last vacation we were able to take with him, so Duluth will always be a special place for me.

    And yeah, I truly loved and admired my father-in-law.

  12. David Marjanović says

    Crocoduck ties are available somewhere online. I forgot where I got mine, though… wait… zazzle.com, I think.

  13. says

    The malt shop opens at 11.

    I understand that there is a student group that might form in Ely… you could go another 2 hours up the road, deeper into the woods, and meet with them too. I wish I had the contact info for whoever it was that I talked to at Pride in the Twin Cities about it. Maybe they can contact you and set something up.

  14. denisepatterson-monroe says

    Be careful driving! There are some crazy intersections in Duluth, that damn 5-way stop at Kenwood/Skyline has brought grown men to tears and separated loving families before.

  15. kc9oq says

    I was in Doo-Looth once, to fly home after driving to Ashland WI with a daughter who was spending a semester at Northland College there. I received the most intensive TSA pat-down ever at the Duluth International Airport.

    The airport is a glorified quonset hut with 4 gates, of which 2 were in use. Commercial air service comprised a turboprop that shuttled between there and Minneapolis. Surly a hot-bed of terrorist activity.

    Maybe it was because I had a one-way ticket…

  16. says

    Oh, I love Duluth!

    *waves to Yellow Thursday* hey there! I may live in the Cities now but I’ll always be a Ranger. I thought Virginia was the shopping/dining destination? ;)

  17. says

    I’ve been to Duluth twice, and I wouldn’t at all mind going back. Yes, the railroad museum, and TWO tourist railroads (my advice: skip the North Shore Scenic and take a ride on the Lake Superior & Mississippi, out of West Duluth. Nice slow amble along the river bank and through the marshes.) Also, ore docks (yeah, I have a thing for jumbo industrial structures).

    (Of course, the best memories of those trips was the drive up the North Shore to Thunder Bay. I really, really want to spend more time in that neck of the woods)

  18. davidhuber says

    Hey cool! That flyer has a picture of PZ on it that was taken with my camera at the creation museum. Wish I could say I snapped it, but my friend was holding my camera at the time while I was jockeying for position to get into the picture. Obviously, I didn’t make it, but my friend did get a pretty good picture of PZ.

    Man, those were the days.