1. Ogvorbis: broken says

    It’s wearing a T-shirt. With text. Anybody fluent in Cephalopodese?

    The translation is in comment #2.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    – René@#3–

    Yes, of course, naturally. It’s nothing that you vertebrates need worry about. Really. Honest. Trust me. Just go about your business as usual.


  3. fredslocombe says

    Amazing evolutionary adaptation! We should keep our eyes open for more animals of the sea who disguise themselves by adapting their appearance to their surroundings consisting of our garbage. This animal looks like a fisherman from “Deadliest Catch” fell overboard.

  4. says


    We should keep our eyes open for more animals of the sea who disguise themselves by adapting their appearance to their surroundings consisting of our garbage.

    What? No.

    First, our garbage hasn’t been around long enough to produce that kind of adaptation– do most population changes happen in under 100 years? And second, according to the link, she has no ink to squirt, so the “blanket” acts as a defense mechanism, making her look larger than she is. It’s hidden when the octopus isn’t in danger and unfurls when she’s threatened to scare off predators.

  5. blf says

    I didn’t know there was a ready supply of phoneboxes in the sea (needed to change into your cape).

  6. bbgunn says

    And my first thought is Edna Mode saying “No capes!”

    That was incredibly amusing!

  7. feedmybrain says

    I love it! Especially the stinger trick.
    Poor males though. Maybe this is the future for men that MRAs are worried about should the feminists’ plan to turn us into sperm factories comes to fruition

  8. hiho2go says

    I will be renaming my niece’s ratty old baby blanket to the “Security Blanket of DOOM!” Maybe if she sees this photo she’ll let me sew an octopus head to it.

  9. unclefrogy says

    My mind keeps wanting to make words, printing of the markings on the “cape” what language is it?

    uncle frogy

  10. a3kr0n says

    It rips off Man o’ War tentacles, and goes around whipping things with them? Awesome!

  11. Ragutis says

    Those things are so cool. Up there with the fish with the see-through head.

    It’s probably been mentioned before (possibly even by me) but everyone here knows about bjornstar’s site, right? It’s not all invertebrates all the time, but he digs up some of the coolest (and weirdest) cephalopod related art, photos, tattoos and other stuff out there.

    A couple of my recent favorites:

    The Octo-labra is super cool too. There was a spiffy tentacled lamp a couple of weeks ago also.

    It’s not TV Tropes, but don’t be surprised if you spend a while there going back through his posts.

  12. aspidoscelis says

    Because I’m easily amused, I’ll point out that, once again, you’ve just pulled an uncredited image from somewhere else and put it here, still uncredited. OK, you mention that it’s pulled from Real Monstrosities… but they aren’t the source of the image and don’t mention anything about where it came from or who took it! So, where’s it from? Here:

    And a translation from of the associated text:

    Filename: 007.jpg Tremoctopus

    family Tremoctopodidae

    This octopus deep-lives between 120 and 750 meters deep.
    Tremoctopus are the champions of sexual dimorphism with a mass ratio of up to 1:40.000.

    Here, a female photographed in the vicinity of the Mediterranean island of Ponza, Italy.
    Distribution: Mediterranean Sea – Indian Ocean – Pacific Ocean
    Photographer: Marcello Conticelli /

    So, maybe you should stick a little “Marcello Conticelli /” under the image?

  13. I'm_not says

    Either there’s an evolutionary advantage for a squid to look like an Eastern orthodox Bishop at Easter, or, alternatively, the Bishops have chosen to look like this squid.