Reminder: Podcast Sunday!

It’s going to get interesting this weekend: we will have Brownian, Louis, Jen McCreight, and Rebecca Watson on a Google+ hangout on Sunday, 5pm Central time, to talk about the limitations of the current skepticism and atheism movements, and how Third Wave Atheism/Atheism+/Sniny New Atheism should and can extend our reach.

A lot of people have been writing me asking to join in, but notice that Google+ has a ten person limit to hangouts, and I’ve already booked five of us. I’ll be sending out invitations to the primary guests first, and I’m going to let them talk for a while before maybe sending out a broader wave of invitations for the limited spaces left. I may also ask the late-comers to limit themselves to a short comment or question and then step out to let others in.

You will be able to watch and listen live on Google+ and youtube, and I’ll keep my eye on the comments for good questions to pass along to our panel. I’m afraid this one might get swamped with people clamoring to join in; don’t be offended if you’re not allowed in, I will try to pay attention to comments during the discussion!


  1. trinioler says

    Hey all!

    I’m looking for volunteers to help transcribe this google+ hangout afterwards, or to edit/confirm the resulting transcription.

    We have seven blocks of ten minutes each.

    You can sign up here, or shoot me an email at (at) gmail.

    So which block do you want?

  2. Louis says


    Remember to make a macro for the word “fuck”, Brownian and I are having a competition.*


    * Actual competition might not be real.

  3. Cannabinaceae says

    Just to be clear, this is going to be a “Hangout On Air” or whatever it is that G+ calls “broadcast” hangouts, right?

  4. trinioler says

    Oh and for reference, the whole transcription thing is intended to be an ongoing volunteer service for the bloggers and ‘casters round about these parts.

    Its called A+scribe. :)

  5. Cannabinaceae says

    If you were to create a G+ post well beforehand, advertising the +Hangout, those of us who have encircled you could then re-share that post to our encirclers in an effort to attract even more viewers. I’m sure that most of my encirclers have not yet encircled +Pharyngula.

  6. Cannabinaceae says

    Goes and actually checks stats on Google+

    Of course, 14,820 have already encircled +PZ Myers, so the proportion that I’d be able to attract as a percentage of my mere 3,733 is probably not enormous.

    Also, since I’m cluttering up this thread already, let me endorse trinioler‘s transcription ascription. Almost gives me conniptions.

  7. Brownian says


    Remember to make a macro for the word “fuck”, Brownian and I are having a competition.*


    * Actual competition might not be real.

    Also remember that Louis speaks with an unintelligible accent, probably. So ‘fuck’ will sound something like ‘foirk’, but be spelled ‘Llywdngllwgs’.

    Of course, as I’m Canadian, this glossary will be necessary.

  8. says

    *overdramatic sigh*

    there goes my dream of spending an hour talking to Louis and Brownian about a topic I’m really interested in. Instead, I guess I’ll be standing in another line to get access to these two. Hopefully the line to the Hangout moves faster than the Ghey Sex With Brownian line

  9. Louis says


    Surely that’s Ghey Secks, as opposed to Ghey Sex…

    …I mean you and Brownian are free to do what you will, but really, Ghey Sex? What sort of pervert would do anything like THAT?