I’d slap one on my car

The Digital Cuttlefish wants his logo for his car; EvolveFish responded and said they’d do it.

You know, Digital Cuttlefish is protecting his own anonymity, so for this to work we all must buy that sticker and put it on all of our cars. I’m up for it. Besides, it looks good!


  1. carlie says

    I wasn’t sure whether to buy one or hold out for the molded one, but I figured the molded one would never be made without a lot of people buying the sticker, so I bought a sticker. :)

    gardengnome – it’s already there, but not on the car emblem page. You have to go to the vinyl sticker page (linked at the bottom of the car emblem page)

  2. gobi says

    I must admit I have always been a bit too scared to put a Darwin fish on my second most valuable item (after my house) and park it on the street. My concern is that one of those ‘good christian souls’ will kick in a door or key the paintwork. At least a digital cuttlefish might be a bit more obscure.

  3. carlie says

    Same here, gobi. It’s a big complicated family dynamics, but I have reasons to not put a big red A or the like on my car, and this would be a good compromise.

  4. kompani says

    I’ll buy a few for myself, friends and family here in the UK. Let us know via post/twitter.

  5. Kylie Sturgess says

    “This product was suggested on FreethoughtBlogs.com by Kris Ryan.”

    Hi Kris! When did you first start thinking of starting the Digital Cuttlefish Blog?

  6. raven says

    I must admit I have always been a bit too scared to put a Darwin fish on my second most valuable item (after my house) and park it on the street. My concern is that one of those ‘good christian souls’ will kick in a door or key the paintwork.

    That happens out here.

    We don’t even have that many fundies, there are far more New Agers and Pagans.

    They usually try to scratch the paint as much as possible getting it off. The police caught one of these xians creeps and he claimed a Darwin fish was a satanic symbol.

    Bunch of superstitious morons.

  7. Cuttlefish says


    As you are well aware (so this comment is really for everybody else), EvolveFISH got the attribution wrong. The original Cuttlefish With Quill is the work of Mike McRae, and I’m the one who modified it into emblem form. Oh, and I’m not Kris Ryan. I’m Spartacus.

  8. fastlane says

    Let’s see, two cars, 3 motorcycles, and a my main commuter (bicycle). I’ll take 6 please! *places order*

    Me likey that design. I need some Scarlet A stickers for my racebike too, come to think of it.

  9. mythbri says


    You never know what will piss people off (or rather, will piss people off to the point of property damage). I’ve heard about people with “Keep Abortion Legal” stickers getting their cars vandalized, too.

  10. beardofbees says

    Yay! I knew there was something missing from my bland little sedan! Now all of my little area of NSW can bask in the glory of my Cuttlefish sticker.

    (N.B. Longtime Cuttlefish fan, delurking in joy. Squee!)

  11. Blobulon says

    That is a very cool sticker.
    I have had an FSM sticker on my car for little while now, I like that one because it’s like a high five to other atheists, and a thumbs down to all religions/spiritualities. Might have to get it a buddy.
    I was apprehensive about putting it on my car though. For the first few weeks I was continually checking my car for damage. So far so good!

  12. Cuttlefish says


    The nice thing about the cuttlefish sticker is, unless you follow FtB, you pretty much are not going to know what the heck it is. And it has a built-in disguise (how cuttlefish-like) of simply being a symbol for writers (and others who hide in their own ink).

  13. sadunlap says

    There is a historical precedent for this. During WWII when the Nazi forces occupying Denmark ordered Jews to wear a yellow star of David almost all Danes – starting with the King – did so as well. No one said that non-Jews couldn’t wear a yellow star of David. So something like what PZ suggests is not only possible – it’s already been done and on a large scale.

    BTW, I like the logo. If I had a car I’d put one on it. Maybe in one of my living room windows?

  14. H-Bomb says

    I will go fix the attribution. And yes, the more vinyls that get sold, the more likely an emblem is to occur.

    For those of you without cars, the vinyls also stick to laptop cases quite nicely.

  15. carlie says

    Just so you don’t miss it – at the top of the vinyl page they say that you can ask for a reversed print version to stick on the inside of windows (like the back windshield)

  16. sadunlap says

    @ 27 Kristjan Wager

    Sadunlap, that’s a myth. Jews were never ordered to wear yellow stars in Denmark, and the Danish king certainly never wore one.

    As an example of the value of critical thinking and questioning what you have learned, this is a good one. I do not usually recommend Wikipedia as a source but a wikipedia article on Denmark contained a reference to a scholarly journal article available on the web that describes the history of the myth in great detail:

    The King and the Star

    It’s interesting how somethings you learn as a child stick with you and you often do not think to question many of these bits of information. My parents probably learned this from newspaper reports (we now know were false) during the war then one or both of them told me. Reading the re-telling of this in Leon Uris’ book Exodus as a teenager probably re-enforced it.

    Question everything.