1. Esteleth, Raging Dyke of Fuck Mountain says

    The program sounds awesome! Congrats on the grant!

  2. kevinschelley says

    Don’t worry, we can send some pitchfork-toting anti-science people your way. I’m sure someone will be upset about Science Education. Hopefully some Vermont Schools can get those grants again.

  3. robro says

    You’re delusional, PZ. Encouraging “success for science students of all backgrounds” could easily send a gaggle of mindless fundies and zombie bigots to your door bearing pitchforks, torches blazing, because “science” is code for anti-god and “all backgrounds” means people other than white, hetero males.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    “UMM Associate Professor of Biology Paul Z. Myers”
    I think that they do not know your Secret Identity.

  5. christophburschka says

    Oh wow, they didn’t even mention crackers. That’s as though Jen McCreight appeared in a news article with no mention of Boobquake.

  6. Larry says

    Let’s see how much of that grant money trickles down to non-squid-intensive sciency disciplines.

  7. Loqi says

    Never mind the grant, congrats to the newspaper for spelling “Myers” correctly!

  8. Janine: History’s Greatest Monster says

    How come they said nothing about Paul Z Myers being a grand poopyhead?

  9. eoleen says

    Congrats, PZ. You have won again. The reward for a job well done is, of course…. ANOTHER JOB!!! As if you didn’e have enough to do already.

  10. frankb says

    The Fundies won’t know its you. The article didn’t say Diablo University.

  11. says

    I assume it wasn’t the government that appointed you director of the grant right? Because you will spend every penny as if it was your own, and get maximum creative return on it. Of course, the government wouldn’t stand for any of that nonsense.

  12. Evader, the parasite-infested branch on the evolutionary tree says

    Does anyone else giggle at “Paul” or is it just me?

    PZ sounds so much more badass.

  13. Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven says

    Does anyone else giggle at “Paul” or is it just me?

    PZ sounds so much more badass.

    I hope this doesn’t cast a paul over his online reputation.

  14. boadinum says

    Yay, PZ! Are you allowed to put any of it towards sacking the city of god? That would be awesome…sic the cephalopods and the zebra fish on them.