1. ChasCPeterson says

    ze capcion:

    Madagascar Gold Dust Day Gecko licking nectar from a young noni fruit in Kailua, Hawaii. These geckos were living all around the hale’ we were staying in, enjoying the noni and basking on the railing and sunny steps to our place. They were very shy mostly, except this one must have enjoyed the nectar so much as to let me get a shot of their favorite activity. They seemed to tend the noni very attentively throughout the day. August 2010, Chandra S Sherin
    photo location: Kona Village Resort, Kailua – Kona, Hawaii

  2. scifi1 says

    Cheating? Yes.

    Brilliant? Yes.

    Now, can someone tell me what those faces are in the background or am I just anthropomorphising a tree trunk?

  3. hotshoe says

    It’s so-o-o-o cute! Makes my heart go pittypat.

    I don’t imagine Hawaiian biologists are as enthralled as I am, though, seeing yet another introduced species competing with the native species.

  4. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Is it cheating to pose a charismatic metazoan in the vegetation?

    How is it cheating?

  5. hotshoe says

    Now, can someone tell me what those faces are in the background or am I just anthropomorphising a tree trunk?

    Yeah, they’re faces.

    My guess: the photo was taken from a balcony or upstairs window looking down on the plant, and even further below (on the ground) are the family looking up at the gecko, trying to get their own good viewing angle on it.

  6. scifi1 says

    No, no, no. I get it now!

    It IS a face. It’s either Jesus or the Virgin Mary….

    Better let the nearest Catholic priest know. There’s idiots to be ripped off/
    money to be made

  7. chigau () says


    But does it sell cheap car insurance?

    I always *mute* the TV when an advertisement comes on.
    I always thought those were about telephones.
    Well. Live and learn.

  8. Ubi Dubium says

    The first thing I saw were the faces in the background. The second thing I noticed was that it was a noni plant. Eeuuuurrggghhhh! I encountered those in Hawaii some years back. The ripe fruit looks like a ball of deceased beetle grubs, and smells like old gym socks and rotten cheese. It was one of the most disgusting things I have ever encountered.

    Oh, but there’s a lovely gecko in the photo, too. That almost makes up for the plant.

  9. ChasCPeterson says

    I think he tried to sell me car insurance…

    better him than that chipper lipstick lady

  10. says

    It’s definitively cheating.

    Plants don’t get the atention they deserve…animal aways steal their spotlight.

    There are no faces, is just the brain’s reading of the background’s decay leafs to an image more familiar.

  11. Midnight Rambler says

    It’s cheating because it’s another damn invasive species we have to deal with here in Hawaii. Just got here a few years ago and now it’s all over the place.

  12. ambulocetacean says

    Why do people get so excited about plants? They’re just like fungi minus the charisma.


  13. chigau () says

    plants? They’re just like fungi

    Well, except that some plants are edible.

    Do I detect mushroom-hate?
    I’m seriously asking.
    I just ate a plate of fried ‘shrooms.

  14. says

    Introduced species are a delicated subject, they may have positive effects in some cases, or not effects at all, but aparently this one is spreading to fast and changing the enviroment, but I don’t think drastic mesures should be taken before studies in neither ways (nor preservation or killing) anyway… just my thoughts.

    But are two beautyful specimen, for me the both are wonderful!

  15. says

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