It’s like garlic to vampires

Larry Moran went crazy and has created the largest Carnival of Evolution ever. There is so much good stuff in there…and I’m annoyed that the creationists are staying away by the legion. It’s all evidence and data and science, which are apparently toxic to them.

(Stupid autocorrect mangled Larry’s name…sorry about that. It’s the danger of using my iPad to post anything, the correcter on that thing is manic.)


  1. Mike says

    Need to fix the spelling of his name PZ lest you be accused of siding with creationists.

  2. Mike says

    Not quite true PZ. I have garlic in the kitchen and it works a treat. We haven’t seen one vampire!
    I can’t say the same for science however. Creationists are still flapping their wings nearby.

  3. Jeff Sherry says

    I think Larry’s last name is spelled Moran, unless he changed it recently.

  4. jaranath says

    Reginald: Definite coffee–>nose moment there…thanks for that.

    I’ve found garlic actually is an effective creationist repellent, at least if you apply it liberally. Full-body coverage is best. They run away even faster if you apply it to THEM.

  5. says

    Sorry this is so OT, but the ads on the site are still as crazy as they were on Ye Olde Site—I just saw a CafePress one for “…Right Wing / T-shirts and gear / From Tea Party tees to liberal-bashing bumper stickers…”
    I hope that’s an ironic ad!

  6. Sisu says

    @richardelguru: I know! Right now I have one that says “WHAT IS QUANTUM JUMPING? Discover why thousands of people are ‘jumping’ to change their life” Not a well-targeted ad, there…

  7. Mike says

    I have a request from Stephany to “like Her’ and meet up some place. She’s cute and all but I think there is something else going on here.

  8. says

    Ads right now are a low priority — performance is the big issue. We’ll slap those bad things around once the joint is flowing freely.

  9. pHred says

    OT: If anyone knows how to alter the dictionary on an iPad please let me know. I agree with PZ – I just recently got one and the dumb thing spell corrects my first name forcefully all the time. It is making me nuts!

    Regarding formatting on the webpage – any chance that you can have arrows to the previous/next articles at both the top and bottom of an article ? It is much easier on my iPad to scroll all the way back to the top then to an arbitrary point on the page where a post ends

    … Now back to your regularly scheduled program…

  10. Pierce R. Butler says

    Reginald Selkirk @ # ?: Get A BRAIN! MORANS

    Wow, that guy must be really smart: he got an iPad years before anybody else, and a handmade-looking-sign app for it that hasn’t even been released yet!