See? I’m not such a jerk after all

I’m busy in DC this weekend, so I thought I might just dick with you all by letting Pharyngula go dead for the whole weekend, as if I’d been raptured. But I decided to be nice and at least mention that I’m still earthbound. (Although there was a scary moment on the plane last night, when something went bump-bump-crunch-thumpety-thump over by the right engine at 30,000 feet, and the pilot came on to announce, “Nothing to worry about, folks, we just mumbley-mumbley throttles mumble flanges something or other Jeffries tubes, but don’t fret, we have “procedures” — just fasten your seat belts, please.” And then we landed and didn’t die in a fiery flaming fireball of fire, so I guess it all turned out OK. And there was a fire truck hanging out by the right engine afterwards, which was reassuring.)

Anyway, Roy Zimmerman!

Of course, I could still dick with you by going silent after 6pm Eastern, when the Rapture is supposed to hit the East coast, but since Australia and New Zealand are still there and report nothing has happened, I suppose any joking around has been blunted.

Although…Australasia and Asia and Europe are all full of funny heathens, anyway, so you wouldn’t expect them to notice a Rapture. It’s only when the Republicans get picked up that it will be obvious.