An evening of old fashioned rural American entertainment

Oh, dear…today is the day the clown from Answers in Genesis is speaking at the elementary school in Morris. I guess I’ll be going, even though Terry Mortenson is a goats-on-fire flaming moron. Here he is in all of his pursed-lipped pretentious glory.

Anyway, I’ll be attending his 6:00 lecture — “Dinosaurs: Have You Been Brainwashed?” — and the 7:30 exercise in idiocy — “Noah`s Flood: Washing Away Millions of Years”. The schedule is online; I may get more than my fill today, so I don’t know that I’ll go to any of the Monday events. It’s a disgrace that such a fool was invited here.

I will have my iPad with me and will be live-twittering the event (look for the hashtag #creoass). I’ll also post a summary here. Don’t expect much — this guy is classic old-school dead-brainless creationism: 6000 year old earth, Flintstones was a documentary, all of geology is explained by the flood, unbelievable stupidity.

One possible saving grace is that the Morris Freethinkers will be meeting next Saturday at the Morris Public Library from 3-5pm to have a panel discussion about the event. Everyone is welcome. We’ll be tearing his inanity apart.