Arrgh, I can’t believe I sat through the whole thing

I just suffered through a few hours of Terry Mortenson, Answers in Genesis stooge, babbling and lying on stage here in Morris. I’m going to recuperate for a while with a nice cup of tea and a little light reading, so don’t expect me to post on it now. You can browse my twitter feed for the short choppy reactions I put up during that horror, and I’ll try to summarize it tomorrow.

Although…he’s also speaking tomorrow night. I suppose I’ll have to suffer again, Christlike, for you.

Oh, by the way: the most annoying part of the event is that they announced at the beginning that there would be no Q&A, because Mortenson’s voice was giving out. Then cancel the crappy lecture part, and turn it over to questions! The guy is giving 7 lectures in two days — I think we’ve have our fill of this loon just standing up there and lying at us.