The Not-So-Evil Atheist Conspiracy spreads its tentacles deeper into the fabric of American life

Good news! The Secular Student Alliance is now working to promote godless organizations in high schools. They’re going to be everywhere! There is resistance, of course, but the law is on our side, and the schools have to allow students to organize for meetings with a secular purpose.

Are you a high school student? Are you interested in gathering your fellow atheists together to promote critical thinking? Then you need to email JT Eberhard right now and ask for his help. He’ll get you started, and you, of course, will make him work very hard to earn the massive salary he probably receives in his new job as the Campus Organizer and High School Specialist at SSA. In fact, it’s perfectly OK if you try to get in touch with him any hour of the day or night — tell him I said you had permission.