Now that’s misogyny

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have a conversation with an insect — a creature that shares no moral or rational assumptions with me. Now I’ve seen something close, at least, a fellow named Seth, discussing his obligations to his partners in sex. Basically, he feels none. It’s a long ranty comment, and much of it is more explicit than I’d rather post here, but it amounts to insisting that pregnancy and abortion are all the woman’s responsibility, because it is her fault that she demanded a penis enter her vagina.

You want a man inside you, it’s up to you to deal with the mess left behind. I won’t bitch at you if you have an abortion, but you don’t get to demand ANYTHING from me, certainly not child support. If you don’t like the mess, don’t invite me to the party.

How’s that for fair?

It’s a marvel of twisted logic, and really had me wondering if Seth was a virgin.

I have to agree, though, that his demands are fair, as long as it’s not his fault that he’s having vaginal intercourse, and as long as he was honest and specific in his expectations with his partner before hand. Who would then, of course, refuse to have sex with him, ever.