We got a Spratlin fired

I had no idea. The poor bigot wrote that nasty anti-gay screed that I criticized, and the Examiner decided that his plagiarizing hateful ways were not exactly what they wanted to promote.

He has complained on his blog about how Christians are a persecuted minority, starring Daniel Spratlin as Christ.

You can berate and belittle any Christian or Christian belief you want but if you do it to a Muslim, Jew, homosexual, black person, etc. you are called a vast array of vitriolic names such as bigot, hater, inciter of violence, intolerant, religious nut, etc.

I learned this first hand a couple of weeks ago. I used to (note the past tense) work as an independent contractor writing on Reformed theology for Examiner.com. Why do I say “used to”? Well, my last article linked to Albert Mohler’s article regarding the suicide of a gay Rutger’s student. Apparently you just aren’t able to express your view any view that is critical of another’s view unless that view being criticized has anything to do with Christianity. This means being even the least bit critical of the sin called homosexuality will lead to a barrage of outlandish claims, threats of physical violence and a myriad of other consequences by those who claim that you are the one with the problem.

Take, for example, a man that I’d never heard of (thanks be to God) by the name of PZ Myers. He just couldn’t stand by why I actually had the audacity to speak ill of sin. He wrote this disjointed piece a couple of days after my post. (NOTE: This “man” is unable to engage in civil conversation so please be aware of vile language in his writing.) “Why is he so full of hate,” you may ask. Well, Johnny, when a person’s heart is so absolutely hardened to God, he will act like the heathen that he is. It is the way man is due to the Fall. It really shouldn’t surprise me but, then again, I always want to be surprised by sin in all its forms.

I guess I have to cut another notch in the handle of my cyberpistol.