The wisdom of crowds is sometimes the prejudice of the majority

The folks over at the Urban Dictionary have battened upon the word “atheist”, and much hilarity follows. There is one reasonable definition in the bunch, and the rest are mostly indignant complaints by theists.

A worshipper of the self or the god of science, often unknowingly religious.

An atheist can speak of moral relativism, but not live it.

A person who denies the reality of God (particularly Jesus Christ, despite historical proof of His otherworldly being), and lives life ‘free’ trusting in science and ‘logic’. This despite the fact that may be able to point out when and how the universe was created, but are unable to state WHY. Stephen Hawking himself made this point. Despite so much being unknown about what reality actually is, how it came into being, how colours, morality, love, the fabric of space and time ‘happened’, they consider themselves smarter than any faith bearing person, and pretty much anyone else they happen across. God loves atheists. Despite what they make think. Ironically, they are usually more militant about their lack of belief than faith bearing people are about their faith.

Stevie the atheist: "There is no God"

John the Faith-nut: "How did the universe happen?"

Stevie- "The big bang you idiot!"

John- "What caused that to happen?"

Stevie- "Pressure…eh…gasses…eh…"

John- "What caused the ‘pressure’ and ‘gasses’ to exist?

Stevie- "Eh…eh…"

John- "In fact, what caused existence to exist?"

Stevie-"Eh…eh…Darwin said that…"

John- "Who designed the tongue, instrument of Darwin’s speech?"

This goes on for awhile. Atheists have nothing and no faith.

Until they’re on their death bed.

The Urban Dictionary might be a useful site for looking up current slang, but established terms with clear meanings…not so much.