Five million schoolkids get screwed in Texas

The evil bastards have gone and done it. The right-wing dbags on the Texas board of education have approved their decrepit curriculum — you know, the one that has decided that Thomas Jefferson was persona non grata, while Joe McCarthy is a true American hero. It’s a tragedy for the nation, because, as we always point out, Texas clout is going to warp schoolbooks all around the country, but the worst thing is that there are 5 million kids in Texas who are now going to get a substandard education. OK, an even more substandard education.

There’s not much we can do at this point, except keep up the pressure, keep making noise about this disgrace, keep working in your states to fund education and make it better. You can also support the Texas Freedom Network, which has been trying to fight the extremists.

And if you just want to vent, the Wall Street Journal has a poll. Let’s destroy it.

Do you support the Texas Board of Education’s plan for social studies curriculum changes that portray America as a nation rooted in Biblical values?

Yes 64.9%
No 35.1%