Ray has a change in plans

Apparently, because people had plans to counter some of Ray Comfort’s Origin giveaway — which was announced to occur on the 19th — Comfort is giving them away today. I’ve been getting reports from various universities that his minions are at work right now, as in this photo from Oxford.


Get out and grab yours now!

I’m going to stroll over to the UMM campus, although I’ll be very surprised if any were sent to our very small school.

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron showed up at UCLA. It sounds like they flopped hard. I also got this email account from a UCLA student:

They showed up at UCLA today, the Banana Man himself. I am vice president of the
Bruin Alliance of Skeptics and Secularists. They definitely caught our club off balance.
Comfort chose a bad time to show up though, as the UC Regents are holding a high
tension conference, deciding whether to increase fees for all of UC for everyone. So
emotions were a bit taut already. Several people from BASS and freethinkers who came
out of the woodwork found a box and stood it directly across from the box on which
Comfort and friends chose to proselytize from. Their books disappeared really quickly,
but BASS has been vigilant about handing out the NCSE’s bookmarks and “Why Ray
Comfort is Wrong” flyers. I cannot believe that creationist idiot actually chose to come
to UCLA instead of UC Berkeley. Maybe he was afraid of a riot.