If I were called Rusty Thomas, I might overcompensate a bit, too

Operation Save America has begun. Some of the fundagelicals are hoping to get militant, and I don’t mean in that same sense that some atheists are called “militant”, which generally means “atheists who say something”. No, they are organizing and training kids to get out there and fight spiritual warfare. If you’re wondering what they could be fighting for, we have som choice quotes from Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, who wrote the manual for young Jesus warriors.

A patriarch is a family ruler. He is the man in charge. Biblical manhood demands men … defend and shield or cover women from injury, evil or oppression.

Feminists charge that Christianity promotes a patriarchal religion, which oppresses women and steals their potential. Although it is true that Christianity is patriarchal, the function of true patriarchy is to protect, provide, and care for women and children. Biblical patriarchy is expressed as chivalry.

A woman can manipulate, dominate and control a man to the point that his manhood is slowly eaten away like a cancer … Too many women seek value by trying to become men, lead as men, and be aggressive as men.

At least it’s reassuring that they willingly cut their troop strength in half by treating women as servile weaklings who might eat away their manhood. I wonder if “Rusty Thomas” is feeling the effects of a lifetime of subliminal messages every time someone says his name?

He’s vague on the details of the coming War for Christianity, but he is certain about one thing.

Beginning with God slaying the animals to cover Adam and Eve after the fall…to the final sacrifice by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, one theme rings true. Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins.

How barbarically bloody-minded.