Our secret power…EXPOSED!

Professor Thomas Tang of Middle Tennessee State University has broken the code of silence and revealed one of the vast powers which are conferred upon us when we land an academic job. It’s true, professors can send you to hell.

Frustrated over cheating allegations, one professor at Middle Tennessee State University took the idea of a traditional honor code in a controversial direction.

Suspecting that one of his MBA candidates had just cheated on an exam, Professor Thomas Tang had each of them sign a pledge that said if they had cheated, they’d be condemned to an eternity in Hell.

The pledge went on to say if the student cheated they will “be sorry for the rest of [their] life and go to Hell.”

Don’t worry, though, I only use it sparingly — on students whose cell phones go off in class, on the ones who raise their hands and ask, “Will this be on the test,” and on the ones who write “YAY JESUS” on the class evaluation forms at the end of the term.

Oh, and just a hint: don’t cut off college professors in traffic.