Yum, genetically engineered plants!

Here’s a good science blog you can help: Biofortified, a group blog on plant genetics and genetic engineering (and, by the way, Sb’s recent addition, Pamela Ronald, is part of the team). They are in a contest to win a small cash grant and an interview with Michael Pollan, and this group is thoroughly deserving — Biofortified is kind of the Panda’s Thumb of plant genetic engineering.

Unfortunately, they’re in second place right now, trailing an anti-genetic engineering, industry sponsored site, and they need more votes to win. You can help out!

To do so, though, is a little more cumbersome than simply clicking on an online poll, I’m sorry to say. You need to register with the contest site, and then click on an entry in an online poll. It’s not too hard, though, especially since Biofortified provides step-by-step instructions. You don’t have much time, with only one day left to vote. Register, then vote for Biofortified!