What are you Coloradans doing on Halloween?

You don’t need to watch a spooky movie or visit a haunted house to see dead zombies walk: you’ve got an Intelligent Design creationism conference going on in Castle Rock! Watch them stagger about, drooling, looking for some brains, frustrated because there aren’t any on stage. They’ve got Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, and David Berlinski (oooh, a zombie with an affected air of superciliousness! Creepy!), and they’re going to explain to you how Darwin drowned the world in a sea of meaninglessness. And you get to learn how to turn the tide! Right.

It’s a little bit revealing, too, that this is organized by the Shepherd Project, which provides “Christian speakers, conferences and resources to help Christians maximize their impact on the world for the sake of God’s Kingdom”. I thought ID was a secular hypothesis? Was I wrong?