Warm-up for the Creation “Museum”

The big field trip to Ken Ham’s amusement park is on Friday morning — we’ll be meeting at 10am at the parking lot, just look for the mob.

Be ready. This is exactly what you can expect if any of the creationists engage with you.

Expect them to be smug in their ignorance, and recite the same old tripe they always do. But remember: don’t get angry, just be amused. We are not going there for a rumble, this is a reconnaissance mission, in which we will harvest many stories.

I have another request: anyone who is joining us for this event who is also a biologist, please email me. I’d like to coordinate a little bit and make sure we’re well distributed in the group — there are a lot of people going, and we won’t be able to troop through in one big mass.

If you aren’t going, I will be twittering away on my iPhone as we go through, so you can follow along vicariously. I’ll use the hashtag #CreoZerg, and welcome any other twittering attendees to use it, too.

People are worried that there won’t be pictures. I just charged up FOUR batteries for my Nikon D50; I’m bringing my iPhone with its camera; I will have my Flip camera; and I’m thinking about bringing my digital video camera (although I may not, since it’s feeling like overkill so far). I’m sure others will be doing likewise. The press will be there. There will be photos, do not fear.