Coke is for creationist cretins

I don’t drink caffeinated beverages anymore (I gave them up when I converted to Mormonism1) so it’s easy for me to refuse to give Coca Cola any more of my business, but this news may cause more distress to others: Coca Cola is a corporate partner with the Creation “Museum”. Ken Ham can brag about this meaningless exploitation of his suckers “museum” attendees for profit, but I doubt that Coke wants to trumpet this news — it looks like they’re sponsoring stupidity.

I don’t know that there is much point to protesting the association anyway. If Coke pulled out, you know the local Pepsi distributors would jump in to offer a contract, and then Ken Ham would proudly point to their deal as somehow vindicating their existence.

At least now we self-sacrificing, noble, healthier deniers of sugary caffeinated toxins can add a new level of sanctimony to our denunciations of Coca Cola’s consumers by pointing out that they are stooges of creationism, as well.2

(via Bing McGhandi)


2It’s our only pleasure left. When my wife fixes her cup of coffee in the morning, the smell wafts my way and I just want to leap over and swallow her cup, hand, and forearm in one big gulp.

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