Do You Believe In Angels?

The gullibility of the religious is amazing…but they always seem to be rewarded with the fawning affirmations of other believers, and more publishing opportunities. Yet again, the Huffington Post flaunts its absurdl woo side with a piece of tripe from Therese Borchard claiming that angels exist.

As you sit there reading this–whether you believe it or not–there is an angel by your side: it is your guardian angel, and it never leaves you. Each one of us have been given a gift, a shield made from the energy of light. It is a part of the guardian angel’s task to put this shield around us.

To God and the angels we are all equal; we all deserve to be protected, to be cared for, and to be loved, regardless of what others might think of us–good or bad. When I look at someone I can physically see this shield around them; it’s as if it’s alive.

Your guardian angel is the gatekeeper of your body and your soul. He was assigned to you before you were even conceived; as you grew in your mother’s womb he was there with you at every moment, protecting you. Once you were born and as you grow up your guardian angel never leaves your side for an instant; he is with you when you sleep, when you are in the bathroom, all the time–you are never alone. Then, when you die, your guardian angel is there beside you, helping you to pass over.

No, there is no angel next to me. There is no tangible, visible, magical agent here in the same room; I can’t smell it, hear it, feel it, see it, and if I stub my toe there will be no winged seraph to kiss it and make it all better. We could scan this room with all kinds of scientific instruments that can look at wavelengths well outside the limitations of our eyes, and there would be nothing there — I’d be surrounded by a corona of infrared radiation, but in the rest of the room, nothing but a layer of bacteria and nematodes, a cloud of dust mites, and perhaps the occasional housefly.

Yes, I know, if I confronted a fan of belief in angels, they’d tell me my material scientific tools can’t see something spiritual, but then I’d have to point out that their eyes are also merely material tools, and she has claimed to be able to see the ‘shield’ of angels. Is she lying? If we had two angelists viewing this room at the same time, but unable to communicate with each other, they’d give two different accounts of what is going on. They are making it all up.

This whole elaborate mythology of guardian spirits floating about in your vicinity is a lie, and these frauds who claim knowledge of their existence are faking it every step of the way.

But all they have to do is say it confidently, and make sure it’s a pleasing myth, and fools will eat it up.