Didn’t we do this one already?

Oh, yeah, we did…but now this silly poll has popped up elsewhere, sans previous pharyngulation. I’m sure you can fix that.

Do You Believe You Evolved From An Ape-like Creature?

No (68.0%, 327 Votes)
Yes (32.0%, 153 Votes)
I do not know (1.0%, 3 Votes)

You know, I’d like to know what kind of creature they think they did evolve from. And if there is “nothing”, they ought to re-word their poll to “Do You Believe You Evolved?”

(By the way, dig a little deeper into that site — it looks like christwire.org is a parody site. It says something that the very same poll that onenewsnow.com presented seriously can be a joke to anyone else.)