I shall be certain to wear this shirt in NY

I just got my very own I [squid] NY shirt, which prompts a few questions. When are we going to get a squid html entity, like ♥? I’m sure it would be used heavily. How would New Yorkers interpret this shirt, anyway (I know, New Yorkers see enough weirdness that they don’t care)?

I’m going to be in NY briefly on the first of May. If I wear this shirt, will somebody mug me and steal it from me?



  1. says

    Congratulations. You are now a market force of and on your own. You and your tentacle addled minion are known to be attracted to ANYTHING with a squid on it!

    It’s called niche marketing. You are a freakin’ BRAND now.


  2. says

    I will send my daughter, who lives in Manhattan, to mug you if you really want to be mugged. Better set a time and place, though.

  3. Glenn says

    If I wear this shirt, will somebody mug me and steal it from me?

    Only if you’re hanging out downtown in the Financial District.

  4. Sunny Ng says

    If I wear this shirt, will somebody mug me and steal it from me?

    Is that a question or a request? ^_^

  5. says

    Where will you be? A conference? A presentation? Something I can go to?

    Or is this just a meeting of illuminate where you guys privately plan how to manipulate the worlds economies and wealth.

  6. Samantha Vimes says

    How does one squid a city? Do you turn into a gargantuan kraken and rip up a few buildings, Harryhausen movie style?

  7. Silva says

    Figures. I wanted a shirt that said “I [jellyfish] Phylum Cnidaria” but I had to make it myself.

    It weirds guys out so they don’t flirt with me so much, which is nice, but I’m not sure it quite achieves its desired effect of causing people to treat me like I’m intelligent.

  8. says

    What meaneth the verb “to squid”? Squirt ink upon? Ensnare in your sucker-studded tentacles and rip to shreds with your calcareous beak? Or coldly embrace and fix with an ublinking bright blue eye?

  9. Dianne says

    I’m not sure about the mugging, but if you have a spare evening you could email me and I could take you to some good sushi places.

  10. Chief says

    Dang – Sunny beat me to it. But I’m still going to say it, because I feel contrary today.

    If I wear this shirt, will somebody mug me and steal it from me?

    Is that a request or a concern?

  11. Ateapotist says

    @ Silva, #12

    Why would guys not love a girl in a jellyfish shirt like that? Smart girls are Teh Hawt.

  12. daveau says


    That’s the kind of thing that will get you arrested in Morris, but people hardly notice in NY.

  13. Silva says

    @Ateapotist, #20

    Thank you; I’m glad you think so!

    I need something that conveys “I’m happily married but still worth engaging in intelligent conversation.” Maybe two jellyfish… yeah… romantically entwined around each other. I’d better buy more plain white tees and get to work.

  14. Die Anyway says

    If the picture of a heart actually stands for the word “love” then the picture of a squid doesn’t have to stand for the word “squid”. It could be our version of “love” or it could stand for “squeeze” or “want to destroy”.

    I’m kind of hoping global warming takes place faster, and floods the first floor or two of coastline buildings, so our squid masters can move in amongst us.

  15. Steve_C says

    No one will even blink at that t-shirt PZ. Also you should check out the houston stop on the 1 train. At the south end of the downtown platform is a big tile mural of an octopus.

  16. rrt says

    Science Pundit:

    I was just gonna say, when PZ celebrates First of May, he doesn’t screw around (or maybe he does): He heads straight for Central Park!

  17. Kitty'sBitch says

    “The First of May is when outdoor fucking begins.”

    Hey, it’s also my tenth anniversary.
    I’m going to attempt to get my wife so drunk that she finds me attractive…or thinks I’m someone else.
    Whatever works.

  18. llewelly says

    Actually, html inherited a squid entity from ascii: ‘*’. Trouble is, the fools who made all the fonts don’t know the difference between squid and starfish.

  19. NewEnglandBob says

    If you want to get mugged in NY wear a shirt that says:

    Boston [squids(2)]
    On NY

  20. 'Tis Himself says

    “The First of May is when outdoor fucking begins.”

    Or as the famous graffito has it:

    Hooray, hooray, it’s the First of May,
    Outdoor fucking begins today!

  21. Basset_Fan says

    A tourist, on his SECOND visit to New York, realized he was lost. He approached a guy on the street and asked, “Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to Times Square or should I just go fuck myself?”

  22. says

    “If I wear this shirt, will somebody mug me and steal it from me?”

    I can’t tell if that’s a request or a passing hypothetical question.

    I suppose being mugged for your shirt would make for interesting news, if nought else.

    You should wear that shirt, and then below it wear one that says “My other shirt is an I [squid] NY shirt” or something.

  23. Tim H says

    I want a “I Trilobite (some city)” shirt. What major cities or regions can I Trilobite? What major international group officially determines which taxa you can apply to what municipalities?

  24. Sven DiMilo says

    “If I wear this shirt, will somebody mug me and steal it from me?”
    …would be a pretty cool T-shirt itself.

  25. Free Lunch says


    PZ is going to be disappointed. Professor Steve Steve gets his own likeness added (e-1DF) this go-round.

  26. JJ says


    Figures. I wanted a shirt that said “I [jellyfish] Phylum Cnidaria” but I had to make it myself. It weirds guys out so they don’t flirt with me so much

    Hm, I’d take that as an excuse to hit on you ;)

  27. RossM says

    Maybe in NYC on May 1 it would be OK, but think it would be problematic in say Greece where the erection of the Maypole is also viewed as a phallic symbol. That squid does not need a lot of imagination to convey the wrong (right?) message.

    Maypole day did not really get going in the U.S. as the Puritans frowned on it. However, the rest of Europe has variations.

  28. says

    Nobody gets mugged in NY any more. NY has bascially turned into a midwestern college town, but with more obnoxious rich people.

  29. Longtime Lurker says

    Anyone up for a squidening in NYC?

    Uncle Nick’s on 9th near 51st has really good grilled octopus at a reasonable price, though Astoria is the place to go for the best inexpensive Greek fare

  30. Ashlee says

    i would use the squid entity. ever play mario party for the wii?? if not, do. it’s fun. i always play with the squid character now because of you, PZ. my friends laugh at me because i’m this quiet girl playing the game with an avatar that looks like a nazi penis. all your fault. :>

  31. David Young says

    PZ, the closest thing to a cephalopod HTML character reference seems to be this mysterious hexapod mollusk (Җ):


  32. SEF says

    @ Raimund #53:

    Are you suggesting that NY (or wherever else you may be) doesn’t have a mains water supply and sewerage/drainage system (and perhaps some natural underground streams too) …

  33. JackC says

    Where and when? I won’t steal it from you, but I will buy you a beer!

    And yes, NYC is probably the safest of places to contain a Kwok it seems. They just don’t notice he is really any different than any of the other denizens.

    Seriously though – if it isn’t a one-hour bit at LaGuardia or something, there is beer to be had…


  34. Rrr says

    You SQUID NY?!?! ZOMG! A terrarist! Alert teh dubya! GODless hethens r gunna kill us alllll!

    (I think I’ll forever associate city + squid with the “alien” squid unleashed in Watchmen…)

  35. SEF says

    If you say so. Not something I’d even heard of before, let alone watched / listened to / read (depending on whatever it actually is!).

    I’m going to guess that the disparaged giant squid (or equivalent) duly turned up soon afterwards.

  36. Sondra says

    You will get one of the two most usual reactions from New Yorkers.

    The first is that no one will appear to notice even though they will have noticed as we are trained to see everything and then pretend that it is not unusual.

    The second is that people will follow you around like you are a celebrity and chat with you as if they know you and have seen you on Letterman. Almost every neighborhood in Manhattan is brimming with celebrities who live amongst the regular folk and everyone is very chummy but not too gushy.

  37. says


    The first of May could be a bad time to wear it. As most tourists will tell you, we New Yorkers are abligated to mug at least one person a month and most of us prefer to get it over with first thing. So I suggest stuffing the t-shirt inside one of those wallets that goes inside your waistband and attaches to your belt loop with a chain.
    Also, if you mumble to yourself constantly about Cthulu you should be safe. It’s an unwritten rule that we don’t mug the crazy or the homeless.

    Hope that helps.