1. says

    Dude, if your biology lectures involve a slightly vulgar humorization of cephalopod biology, I think I chose the wrong major when I went with computers… and the wrong school by staying in Georgia. “And I’m not even going to touch how they transfer their gametes. Squid mating habbits. Total Insanity.”

    Also good are the Professor Brother’s songs about historical figures, that you know are just 100% accurate (Washington, Washington, 12 stories high, made of radiation!)

  2. Rrr says

    “You’ve reached this page because we arae currently not allowed to share our videos across United States borders. It sucks. We know.”

    “If you’re in Europe or the UK, try”

    “Otherwise, why not play a game on the main site or log on to our message boards to tell us how much you hate us now?


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    Damn. I wish my lectures were that interesting. But I don’t lecture from the Bible, where the really crazy stuff comes from.

    I just watched a video this morning that says God encoded the speed of light into one of Peter’s epistles, proving that the Bible is divinely inspired. Awesomely hilarious!

  4. Elliott says

    Great moral lessons here folks.

    Definitely see why a country at the dawn of the 21st Century of the Common Era needs this guidance.

    Alternatively, You you could stop drinking the Cool Aid and wake up!

  5. Jadehawk says

    “You’ve reached this page because we are currently not allowed to share our videos across United States borders. It sucks. We know.”

    so whose stupid idea was it to put borders into the interwebs?!

    on the other hand this means there’s still at least a handful of advantages to living here left.

  6. H.H. says

    What’s so awesome about that clip is that it pretty much presents the biblical story without embellishment. There’s just a few jokes about how messed up it all it, but that’s basically what the bible says. You can’t parody this stuff. The bible really is insane. If taken literally, of course. If you go in with the mindset that none of this stuff every happened in reality, simple moral lessons (many of them immoral by today’s standards) can be teased from the madness. But in my opinion, it’s really not worth the effort.

  7. Rey Fox says

    But PZ, I thought you only discussed biological stuff and didn’t breathe the unholy fire in your classroom. Were all those complaining Catholics right about your influence on children?

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    You’ve reached this page because, (Finally!), America has a sane representation of the bible that we didn’t have to import. Sorry, dirty foreigners, but even if we are atheists, (and thus generally morally superior), we are still Americans, (and thus generally pretty greedy). So you can’t watch it, nyah-nyah.

  9. ndt says

    For those outside the US unable to view the video, try finding a free US-based proxy server and surf through that. That will probably fool the server the video is hosted on.

    (Australians should get in the habit of doing all their web-browsing this way).

  10. Rowen says

    HH, that’s not exactly what the bible says about Sodom and Gomorrah. Yes, it does say they were wicked, but there’s not indication that they were fucking everything in sight. In fact, the angels, ezekiel and Jebus all state that the sins of Sodom are inhospitality to strangers and an unwillingness to take care of the poor.

    Yeah, there is a sexual aspect to the story, but it’s VERY different to how we think of sex today.

    It’s one of the things that pisses me off when Christians start blathering on about this. It makes me wanna shake them and scream, “You don’t even know what the hell your own bible tells you, goddamnit!!!”

  11. Joshua BA says

    They left out the best part where Lot’s daughters get him drunk and then rape him in his sleep to keep the family line going.

  12. Beowulff says

    “If you’re in Europe or the UK, try”

    Of course, it’d help if they’d give us the title of the movie we tried to watch, so we’d actually have a shot at finding it at their UK site…

  13. funda62 says

    ROFL and if the Christians got their way this is what elementary school education would look like.

  14. Kassul says

    Thanks for the Youtube link Nick @ 22, and I’ll join in the booing of AdultSwim for not letting us Canadians view the video.

    I thought we were supposed to be the 51st state? Apparently AdultSwim disagrees.

    OT, but have you heard about spookfish eyes PZ and everyone else?

    Slashdot has a story going about it. Apparently they decided not to go with a lens, but rather to use a mirrored surface to focus light. Very odd and awesome.

  15. Cruithne says

    Nick at #22

    Thanks for the link

    Yay, whoopee!

    Marcie at #34

    We are missing a hiss from your last post.

  16. Teleprompter says

    That’s what I would try…for all of our non-American friends. It’s a swell website in general, especially the tons of videos by Brad Neely. Have a good time – his “George Washington” video and several others are awesome.

  17. Benny the Icepick says

    Unfortunately, Adult Swim and its evil overlords have acquired As a result, all of that great stuff there has now been assimilated into Adult Swim’s butt-ugly interface. What’s worse is that all of the videos have now been censored, so all of Neely’s ingenious cursing is perforated with bleeps.

    It’s so terribly sad.

  18. Tom says

    I remember the time I met Brad Neely. I couldn’t believe he did **** with the ****. The police didn’t see his point of view and the archbishop said ****. He said he would ****** with **** in an **** with an enormous blancmonge, not to mention the sharks in the pool. How we laughed!

    Sorry, but I am not currently not allowed to share this anecdote across United States borders.

  19. minus says

    re Lot’s Daughters as redacted by by the lecturer and referenced at #27.

    I never trusted that story because I have never heard of any man who could get an erection while passed-out drunk. I don’t think he was drunk at all, just faking it so he could pork his two daughters. Later he could just say, “Hey I was drunk at the time, it was their fault.” After all, boning a pillar of salt ain’t easy.

    Also wondered how he could be so righteous and then go get drunk first chance he got. And didn’t Noah do the same thing? Weird morals those old Israilites.

  20. Levi in NY says

    Well, there’s nothing wrong with alcohol. God’s cool with alcohol.

    Just don’t touch that shellfish.

  21. tootiredoftheright says

    Ah people you could have also seen these videos on their actual creator website which is

    Also Adult Swims which the professor isn’t one of them are shown on Teletoon in Canada.

  22. tootiredoftheright says

    Ah crap which was indepedent of adult is now part of them. And most of the videos are now gone. Bah.

  23. Jeff Satterley says

    I want to know how this is like your lectures, PZ.

    You you make inappropriate comments about sex and then wink and your students?

  24. Diego says

    Damn! I thought Puerto Rico counted as part of the US. It’s a commonwealth but come on…


  25. ringtailroxy says

    this was the funniest thing I’ve seen in 2 weeks! none of my professors are anywhere near so cool.
    I can’t even get my animal anatomy professor to back me up on having a Darwin Day Brunch…she says she prefers not to get involved in anything controversial. so tomorrow i will try my hand with the student life staff…

    if we could have christmas carols & a freaking tree in our lunchroom, i should be able to have a Darwin Day Brunch!


  26. funda62 says

    #53 Right. But it was okay because it was close enough to the fall of Eden that the genetics weren’t all messed up and so the offspring weren’t two headed retards.

  27. Dahan says

    I am SO going to try to affect that tone, etc with my class on Design Process tomorrow morning!

  28. says

    Minus @ 53:
    And didn’t Noah do the same thing?

    Ah, but you see, Noah didn’t mean to do it. According to the latest crack research (or maybe that’s “research on crack”) by Ken Ham, there was no fermenation in the pre-Flood world. So, ole Noah just meant to have some nice grape juice, and wouldn’t you know it, the grapes spoiled!

  29. says

    According to Brad Neely’s website, (linked in my name above), he’ll soon be uploading all of his videos, uncensored, to his website.

    I have no idea what Adult Swim did to the video, but the video quality is TERRIBLE. The originals on SuperDeluxe were much crisper, with bolder colors. The sickening bright pinks and blues Viacom has decided to put on Adult Swim’s site only desaturate the videos even more by comparison.

    I am really, really upset by this. Apparently Brad Neely is too:
    “Neely can do nothing about it. SuperDeluxe is gone. We are lucky to have our pieces posted on Adult Swim.
    I know the censoring sucks. It really, really fucking does. But Adult Swim is bound to TV Standards. It’s the only way.
    Trust me, Neely can’t even get out of bed. He’s crushed. Yet, he’d gladly keep a son without teeth then have no son at all.
    The future is all that matters. We’ll see what we can do in the way of fuck words and shit drawings. All we can say is, “NEXT!” “

  30. Patricia, OM says

    Whoo-hoo! Look at all of you checking in from all across the world. Wow. So beautiful!

    I don’t think PZ could get away with this in his class room. Must be wishful thinking on the students part.

    But on the other hand…wicked, wicked Auntie Pat can tell bible stories to the kiddies… *smirk*

  31. Cactus Wren says

    Dr. Myers, I have just decided that I really have to start attending your lectures.

  32. says

    Not available here in Thailand either. But since inquiring minds are relentless in pursuing education, I watched it by way of a proxy server. Delightful.

    Later found it is also available on YouTube:

  33. says

    …and if you haven’t seen ‘Professor Brother’s Jesus F***ing Christ’ you don’t know what you’ve missed.

    Now THIS is pulling out all the stops on the real history of the bible.

  34. says

    Too bad, it is funny. Watching it from MI here.

    I liked how after he would talk about something gay, he kept pointing at that same guy. Heh.

    It points out the obvious stupidities of the story:

    Washing strange men’s feet = good.

    Digging it = bad.

  35. Nick says

    It would have been even better to have him explain how Lot’s daughters later get him drunk and convince him to have sex…gotta love Old Testament morality!

  36. Rickr0ll says

    I’m back, and this is so damn funny and birarre, i lolled. Pefect for this discussion!