Another book giveaway

Now someone else is giving away a free book to commenters — it’s like Christmas or something. Leave a comment at Domestic Father and maybe you’ll win a copy of Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science(amzn/b&n/abe/pwll), which is a really good deal, since that book isn’t yet available in the US, and I’ve been itching to get my hands on it for a while.

I was tempted not to tell you all, just to improve my chances of winning, but altruism won out.


  1. Felix says

    and it’s a great book!
    Highly recommended introduction to why you can’t beleive anything you read in the newspapers or see on the TV.

  2. Brownian, OM says

    From Canada:

    The giveaway is for Americans only.

    That’s fine. Us Canadians are all content to wait, Bodhisattva-like, until you Americans wise up and ditch your magical thinking (the first sign of which will include some semblance of universal health care). After all, you guys need books like this more than we do (Robert Byers notwithstanding.)


  3. recovering catholic says

    PZ–you’re going to cause serious and perhaps (we can only hope) fatal cognitive dissonance among believers: how can a person possibly be atheistic and altruistic at the same time???

  4. says

    I know I say this every time his name is mentioned but when are Seed going to invite Dr Ben to join Scienceblogs? Would there be legal problems with him crossing posting here and in the Guardian?

  5. says

    Chris@#8: Indeed he does, but everyone knows that Seed bloggers get rich off of advertising revenue and ride around in gold plated Batmobiles. BG deserves a piece of that action.

  6. Stan says

    An altruistic atheist, PZ?

    Isn’t that what William Lane Craig (among other pathetic Christian apologist) claims to be impossible without god?

  7. Stan says

    PZ, an altruistic atheist?

    Isn’t that what William Lane Craig (among other pathetic Christian apologists) claims to be impossible without god?

  8. cthellis says

    How can you be altruistic if you don’t believe in G…?

    AHA! So you DO believe in God and are simply lashing out because someone ran over your puppy or something! YOU JUST ADMITTED IT!

  9. gazza says

    It is an excellent book (Bad Science). It will refer to a few quacks based in the UK that feature in lightweight daytime TV programmes. But although you may not know them in the US the points he makes aren’t especially personal but tackle the nonsense that most nutrionists, or vitamin pill poppers come out with.

  10. Submoron says

    Funny that you should mention altruism: I’ve given away eight copies of this book to friends already. Does it contain contagious altruism memes?

  11. says

    @submoron: That could have been altruism, but I’m guessing it was SIW In Real Life syndrome. “No the fact you got better when you had the sugar pills doesn’t prove homoeopathy. No it doesn’t. Look I’m going to buy you a book that explains it. OK?”

  12. porco dio says

    silly PZ… you should’ve told us weeks ago and i would’ve popped you a Happy Monkey gift in the mail.

  13. catgirl says

    I signed up on his blog awhile ago, and now you have just decreased my chances of winning. That’s not very altruistic to me. Last time I checked there were 12 posts, and now there are 120. I guess I’ll just have to order the book online.

  14. submoron says

    @ Matt Heath: Nice thought but just about all the friends are skeptics to start with. Even the Xian was with us at Randi’s evening in London and is with Ben all the way… perhaps it’s because I work in the pharmaceutical industry? I just like the book so much that I want everyone to read it, yes Mr Brown and Mr Obama, that particularly includes you because you probably need it most. And YOU your Royal Highness; is it Prince of Wales or Prince of Woo?

  15. says

    Yes, Bad Science is a most excellent book – found a copy in a little side-street bookshop but I see it’s hit the big stores now as well.

  16. John Phillips, FCD says

    Yep, Bad Science, as well as Ben’s blog of the same name, is a must read. I treated myself to one along with, horror of horrors, that dastardly BA’s second book. When are you going into print PZ?

  17. says

    shit man, i’ll send you a copy of my book for xmas, send me your mail address. there’s one offer in for a US edition already, another coming apparently, so it’ll be out there very soon. might be good to have some advice on how to american-ize it, if you’re in the mood. you have a slightly different crop of morons in the US, excitingly.

  18. Rrr says

    I already have the book :-D
    It’s a very good read indeed. Now I just need to buy extra copies to lend to people.

  19. Nikki says

    I am British, so can’t enter the competition. I am, however, the ultimate winner, as I got to see the lovely Dr Ben at ‘Lessons and Carols for Godless People’ live in London last week. He gave a very moving speech, which fanned the flames of my already quite massive crush on him.


    Rational nerds are *hot*

  20. Submoron says

    Nikki, You do know that he’s part of a “weird science” day on 17 Jan at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square don’t you? Richard Wiseman’s part of it too so expect serious fun!