1. Gzalzi says

    Build a squid.

    Simply amazing. Squid are amazingly cool creatures. One could probably have hours of fun with this, if they liked squid enough.

  2. Newfie says

    Can’t beat my aunt’s stuffed baked squids.

    Here’s a twist for ya’ll. Canadian Country legend, Hank Snow, singing the Newfoundland song The Squid Jiggin’ Ground
    Squid was mostly used for cod bait here, but also dried and exported to Asia.

  3. Newfie says

    he banned me for no reason

    *Richard Dawson voice* Show me bunnies in the Pre-Cambrian! XXX

    yup, no “reason”
    make a new plan, Stan

  4. Anon says

    I thought it was xians who thought our bodies to be only worthless lumps of flesh, to be replaced come the judgment day. As an atheist, I am rather attached to the only body I will have–if you think it is worthless, try taking it from me.

    Somebody has his story mixed up.

  5. Carlie says

    Aw, look! A cute little rabid fundie. Who’s the drooliest little zealot? Who is it? That’s right, you are, Stan!

  6. Owlmirror says


    When are you going to jump in the ocean and evolve gills for us?

    (Stan is supersport is guzman (is moronic) (and is banned for life!))

  7. Newfie says

    Stan wants to believe in something. Some of us want to understand as much as we can. That’s the difference. We all have false beliefs, and some of us are more open to different ideas. I think that it is a dichotomy in the human species and is akin to the different male and female thought processes. But, in the end, it’s a great mystery that can never be solved, because you can never be in another person’s mind.

  8. stan says

    Anon, no, your body is worthless because you atheists believe life is no better or worse than non-life; in fact, there is no distinction between the two, scientifically anyway. Not only that, but how in the world can you put any worth into an entity that got formed randomly and for no reason? Accidents don’t have worth — you should know that. And what is “worth” anyway? that’s not a scientifically-validated thing…and since it’s not scientific, it doesn’t exist.

  9. Owlmirror says

    Stan wants to believe in something.

    Nah, he just wants to be a Lysenkoist gadfly. He’s not particularly devout.

  10. says

    ToE is nothing but a lipstick-wearing pig.

    I take it you’re an expert on that subject, although I’m surprised you notice the lipstick from the end you see.

  11. says

    by the way, according to atheists, all humans are just worthless lumps of flesh who will just nothing but rot in their boxes after die.

    How many atheists have expressed such a view?

  12. Owlmirror says

    Accidents don’t have worth — you should know that.

    Which explains why you’re worthless.

  13. says

    Name: Stan
    Crimes: Insipidity, slagging, morphing
    Comment: Weird little drive-by troll who goes into posting fits. Never says anything of substance, just insists that change is preprogrammed into genomes, and natural selection doesn’t work, and babbles, babbles, babbles. I’m giving him a special cell, with padding and straps.

  14. Wowbagger says

    Stan the impotent pissant has crawled back out of the dungeon, has he? Let’s see how long he lasts this time. Until then we can amuse ourselves by watching the succession of epic fails emanate from his warped mind.

    you atheists believe life is no better or worse than non-life; in fact, there is no distinction between the two, scientifically anyway.

    Not just an epic fail but a super-epic fail!

  15. Anon says

    Thank you, Stan, for admitting that you have no idea what “worth” is. Nor science, nor life, nor my beliefs. It must be difficult for you, trying to pin your beliefs on others who actually understand these things.

    And my body is not worthless, nor is it indistinguishable from non-life, by any meaningful definitions (i.e., pretty much any but yours). From metabolism to reproduction to learning, I am very nearly 100% distinguishable from a rock.

    Good luck, Stan–admitting your ignorance is a brave first step. I suggest a visit to your local library. Read a basic grade-school science book; it might be a stretch, but if you take your time, I think you will agree it will help you a lot.

  16. Owlmirror says

    Not only that, but how in the world can you put any worth into an entity that got formed randomly and for no reason?

    Since stan is a Lysenkoist, this is amusingly full of fail. The only non-randomness and reason in any entity is… its own self-will, based on what it wants to become!

    Oddly enough, he refuses to travel to the far north or south and evolve a nice thick layer of blubber, and a fur coat, so as to demonstrate this “theory” of evolution.

  17. nanu nanu says

    Oh athe damnit not stan.

    “Since when is life an accident? ”

    Don’t bring that up, stan’s a bit touchy on that subject.

    Condoms sometimes fail. Nothing’s perfect.

  18. StanIsPoe says

    Lets play a game.

    stan: Find me an integer less than 4 but greater than 2

    everyone: 3

    stan: nope, you can’t find it

    everyone: *headdesk*

  19. says

    There’s still Flat Earthers, YECs, and Bigfootologists, so why not Lysenkoists?

    Of course, with the social skills demonstrated by the particular Lysenkoist here, no wonder they fail to breed successfully.

  20. varlo says

    Totally OT, but according to the Topeka Capitol-Journal someone has vandalized property of the odious Phelps clan. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but cheer for the vandals.

  21. Erin says

    Wow…out of a silly little (fun) website where you can build a squid strolls Stan (giving a bad name to the rex by the way who was probably more personable than you could ever hope to be).

    Get a life. I don’t believe in God and I have one (that I do value). Keep in mind that worth, value, GOD, are all words invented by man.

    Go build a little fundie squid and just play around. You’ll have fun throwing it around the screen, if anything else, much like you enjoy throwing everyone’s good time in the tumbler. As a plus (for us) it’ll get you away from the rest of the world for a bit (thank god, and yes…the pun was intended).


  22. Verinca says

    Oh, Stan, you make my widdle heart go pitty-pat with your debate skills. Too bad you’re an idiot.

  23. says

    I called mine Billy. Yes, it’s Billy the Squid.

    It’s weird running across trolls in other places. Pharyngulites: Supersport is the one, the only, the inimitable inventor of “butterfly wombs”! That was at the late lamented IIDB, but he’s trolled lots of places including my usual hangout at

  24. Shigella says

    Aww, I do loves my little Fluffy, with his neon tentacles and freakishly large eyes. He’s disarmingly cute, which will make it even easier for him to carry out…The Plan. (see #38)

  25. breadmaker says

    now that i read all the comments.
    that was really really fun.

    Stan, go drink a beer and read your bible, enjoy God, your experience of Him will convince others of Him, right?

    for a beer selection I recommend Blanch Du Chambly or La Fin du Monde.
    for bible reading I recommend Leviticus

  26. says

    ‘Accidents’ have saved the lives of many, so anyone who thinks EVERY accident is worth nothing is lower than scum.

    The discovery of penicillin was an accident.

    Now, I’m sure plenty of fundies were accidents; however, fundies have largely turned out to be worth nothing to society.

  27. says

    I guess Stan’s comments were removed. Too bad, they would have been so amusing to see. If he ever comes back, I’ll feed him to Roscoe, who has magenta tentacles!

  28. crucifinch says

    Haha… I named mine Rebuttlefish.
    Wherever trolls lurk, I’m sure a few of these argumentative cephalopods will be on the march!

  29. Isabella says

    I think it’s cool your squid can gain weight and swim around. I’ll be checking up on mine every few days.

  30. Fareed says

    It seems there are quite a few squids named “PZ,” “PZed,” and other variations thereof. Makes it that much harder to find the one I made!

  31. Ichthyic says

    Do you suggest smoking them or direct consumption?

    you mean to say you haven’t tried mainlining squid ink yet?

  32. DrFrank says

    you mean to say you haven’t tried mainlining squid ink yet?
    Damn right – I’m squinking my tits off as I write this B-D

  33. says

    I predict a huge pod of hyper-skeptical squid all named “PZ”, “P-Zed”, “PZMyers”, etc. who will evolve, Hollywood style, from software to bioware in a matter of weeks. They will then go on to drink up the world’s beer supply while scoffing at fairy tales and dismantling religion in all it’s forms.

    Other than the loss of beer, it sounds like a Utopian Future.

  34. DLBob says

    For some reason, there are tons of squids named “Bob”. As a Bob, I am wondering why this is. Is there some famous squid named Bob? Are squids inherently Bob-like? What’s the deal?