1. Eric says

    I’m going to send one to Ray Comfort via his Living Waters Ministry in Bellflower, California.

  2. CJ says

    Ok, not really connected, but just what in the hell is going on with that monkey’s head on the Seed promo image down in the lower right of this blog (and others).

    Does it not have a lower jaw? What’s up with that?

  3. Devon says

    We should send subscriptions those schools that tried to get Intelligent design on the curriculum.

  4. Rrr says

    Wow… I hope this isn’t a very time-limited offer, because I’m quite broke at the moment and can’t put my money where my mouth is, right now.

    …Would it be harmfully offensive (harmful for me, the USA seeming a great deal sue-happier than elsewhere) if I tried to get this delivered to some religious schools?
    Though I probably would wind up picking poor schools instead of wasting it on people who won’t appreciate it anyway and will attempt to cancel the subscription ASAP.

  5. Sven DiMilo says

    Monkey head?
    I’ve got a li’l monkey head in the lower right-hand corner of my Firefox window, indicating the Greasemonkey add-on.

  6. Ken Ham says

    You [redacted], [redacted] atheists better not send me any of these [redacted] subscriptions…


  7. mus says

    CJ: I actually had to go out of my beloved firefox and go to google chrome to see the “monkey”. However, it is NOT a monkey! it’s a chimp. Chimps are apes, not monkeys! Grr… (sorry, pet peeve of mine)

    As for what’s going on with it, nothing… it’s just looking up and has it’s mouth open really wide.

  8. CrypticLife says

    Amazon dot com,

    Cute, and you’re right. If the library you’re going to send the subscription to will use it to line their bird cage, don’t donate the subscription.

    Of course, for there really to be creationists laughing over the content of the magazine, they’d have to learn to read first.

  9. Kele Cable says

    This reminds me, is there any chance you can update your list of recommended evolution/genetics books?

  10. says

    @ #8, are you the real Ken Ham, or just someone messing with us? If you are really him, two things: 1) Don’t think for a minute we’ll be sending you any subscriptions…we know the material is too much for your comprehension. 2) Do you have any tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo you’d like to offload?

  11. Gavin McBride says

    Is this only Valid for US schools or can I donate it to a school in, say, Ireland?

  12. Peterte says

    I know the good lord said “Go forth and multiply” but I don’t think you should all be so unabashed about spreading your SEED. Some of us are blushing.

  13. druidbros says

    Well I guess I will send one to my college and seminary to see if I can get them to stop asking for my money.

  14. says

    If I had any extra money, I’d send a subscription to Dover H.S. in PA. I’ll just stick to one of the schools in Newark, NJ that actually could use the help.

  15. Not the Real Ken Ham says

    @ #12

    Do you honestly think that the Real Ken HamTM would post that… Sheesh…

  16. Gavin McBride says

    @myself #13

    Got my own answer yay me. The lovely Erin at Science Blogs mailed me back and said the following:

    “As of right now, the offer is only for US schools. However, we are trying to arrange a similar agreement for overseas schools”


    “We are also looking at offering a digital subscription for overseas schools. You can check back on the donation website in a week or so to see if this has been set up yet”

  17. Isabella says

    I contacted my university’s library and asked them to order Seed magazine for their science library. Hopefully it works!