1. Kirk says

    Say hello to whats-her-name Mcdermot. Yes, I’m pretty sure I spelled it wrong. You know who I mean.

  2. says

    No, no: the woodchipper is in Minnesota, someplace near Brainerd.
    In Fargo: just watch out for the fat bastard who looks like a car salesman talking in hushed voices with two low-lifes in the back corner. In particular, the tall quiet guy is prone to random violence.

    (Why did they call that movie that, anyways? Sure, it starts and (approximately) ends there — but all the bits in between happen back in MN).

  3. Thomas Allen says

    I think Tony is warning you against the fate of Carl in Fargo. If the movie script is any indicator, Marge Gunderson won’t show up until your last bits are being fed into the wood chipper.

  4. says

    PZ! Why are you going up there! We were counting on you to storm the Cathedral and the Basilica to steal some crackers!

    The Republican Catholics are in town.

    Hey – Everybody. FULL STOP. MISSION ABORT!

  5. Carlie says

    Have fun!!!! He’s totally fabulous. I see that he has his new song about impeachment done, so you ought to get to hear that one, too.

  6. phein says

    Roy Zimmerman? Any relation to Bobby?

    They had a festival in Bobby Zimmerman’s honor up in Duluth a couple of weekends ago, although they call him by his stage name, Dillon, or something like that.

  7. Gaffa says

    Sorry I missed the show, PZ! I live in the area, but had various things to attend to (such as my ex-fiance mysteriously showing up in my life again after two years).

    Glad to hear it sounded great.