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    I got some fascinating results reducing Ephedrine under high pressure and heat, as opposed to a long reflux over hydriodic acid and red phosphorous but I suspect my results would be ridiculed by BIG SCIENCE

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    /me goes crashing wildly through Alton Brown and Cooks Illustrated books

    Uh… can you give me a couple of hours? You like food, don’tcha?

  3. Kimbits says

    So, there doesn’t seem to be a lot going on in here. I’m hoping no one minds if I hijack this. There are likely more appropriate places for this, but the open threads aren’t very current.

    How do people generally feel about taking a spouse’s surname upon marriage? I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do about that at this point, but I’d still like to hear more thoughts on it. In addition, and probably more importantly at this point (and relevant to hijacking a thread since info is hard to find…), how are the use of “pen names” in academia responded to? I have a rather peculiar idea for a surname merger, but the boyfriend has an abstract floating around with his name on it and sooner or later he’ll be publishing under that name. And should I end up in academia I’d probably prefer to publish with my current name. *Do* people keep personal and professional names? Is it very difficult to maintain/are there any serious problems? Any other thoughts?

    Sorry again for the hijacking. I’m not sure how else I can find out about this. A lot of you seem to have relevant experience.

    Many thanks

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    Just how sciency does it have to be for these? Most of my posts are “scepticism for dummies” with bits of science in to explain it. Is that good enough?

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    how about a post on how animals (or plants, but seriously… plants?) have evolved strategies to deal with hurricanes.

    Anyone have any leads? Would be grateful.